I think the snow is beautiful.
It’s so beautiful when it’s untouched, looking all light and fluffy as it lands like a blanket covering the earth, turning the world around you into a white mass of heavenly goodness. Gives such a picture of purity that makes you think the whole world is one perfect place… from the comfort of a well heated room though :D.

untouched and beautiful snow source
The beauty leaves you in awe… till you have to thaw your car, shovel your driveway and struggle not to be thrown off the road while driving.
Then the sun comes out and you realize how ugly the snow has become after it has been driven on and stepped on so much. The trails left by the cars and footprints from boots turns into a muddy and slushy mixture.
trampled on and ugly snow.

You forget how beautiful it looked in that moment and get all disgusted at how messy and ugly it looks. Then you slip and fall, because somewhere along the way, some of the fluffy transformed into ice from the heat of the sun… The pain when you slip and land on your butt is real yo! 

You wonder if it is really the beauty you loved causing all this pain and chaos. That’s how deceitful the snow is… you think it’s a harmless beautiful fluffy pile of goodness that’s only good for making snowmen, snow angel, playing in and having great photo ops, till you have to start dealing with all the complications buried in it. All you saw was the perfect definition of beauty as you stood admiring it from your home. Before the elements came to play.

"Snow so pure when it falls from the sky,
To be trampled in mud by the crowd rushing by;
To be trampled and tracked by the thousands of feet
Till it blends with the horrible filth in the street."
John Whitaker Watson

How many of us are so beautiful on the outside just like the snow? Do people look and see how pretty we are, until the sun shines on us, and turns the beauty to ice and sends cars skidding off us? Do people slip and fall in shock at the ugliness you reveal when they walk with you? After watching and admiring you from the comfort of their homes/from a distance,  are they disappointed with what they have to deal with when they get to know you?
Does it take a little pressure of the heat from the sun and a footstep or two to bring out the slushy muddy ugliness in you?

How deep is your beauty? How much ugliness spills out when you’re turned upside down and inside out?
I have my bad sides, I tune off sometimes, I'm not very nice to be around sometimes, especially when the sun has shone a little too much on my fluffy side... I try to avoid human contact in those moments, because it isn't such a pretty me. There's probably other flaws people who've loved me from afar notice when they come close to me, I don't know. I am not perfect, but i strive to be skin deep, deeper than my well put together exterior.

I am desperate for beauty… I am desperate to be so beautiful within, that when I’m turned upside down, you can only gasp at how much more beauty spills out in my service to God and my interaction with people. 
Humans don’t make it easy, but who says it’s impossible? It's not impossible to forgive, to let past hurts go, to love, to tolerate and not be taken for granted... to serve God, love and obey Him with all your heart.
I want to have more substance in my beauty than the snow. To remain beautiful even when the sun shines, and I have been stepped on and driven on. Even when trials trample on me and I feel like God isn't listening, I want to glow in my trust in Him. I don't think that's too much to ask.
Just how beautiful are you?

The following scripture refers to wives, but I think it's all inclusive and drives home my point.
"....Then, even if some refuse to obey the Good News, your godly lives will speak to them without any words. They will be won over by observing your pure and reverent lives.
Don’t be concerned about the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes. You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God. This is how the holy women of old made themselves beautiful...." 1 Peter 3:1-4


  1. Lovely post. I love snow, and find it beautiful too.

  2. Beautiful. A wise man once said that the magic of life happens inside of you and not outside

  3. This post is lovely. Real beauty comes from within

  4. The snow is SOOOOO beautiful! It snows once in a blue moon is South Africa and when it does snow we celebrate like Jesus is around LOL!!

  5. Nice dear. Your blog is so rich and inspiring. Thankful to my sis( Dorcas Dangfa nee Tsumbu) for telling me about it. :)

  6. Really so nice and awesome post i like keep it up


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