Love Note...

Dear Jesus,
It’s the day we celebrate love. Isn’t it weird that it gets some people depressed because they’ve got no one to give them a nice dinner, flowers and a present? Why anyone would feel unloved because of this day, I may never understand. Don’t they know You love them and that’s all they need to be happy?

Sweet Jesus, I write to say I love you.
What greater love have I known but yours? You see, You’re the lover of my soul, my Rose of Sharon, my Bright and Morning Star.
You’re beautiful in all your ways. Holy and glorious and yet You choose to come down from Your royal splendor and love me a lowly servant, despite myself.
Your love is so amazing.
Your love is healing to my ailing body. Your love is that scandalous grace that I receive time and time again.
Your love is that comforting arm I fall to in my time of sorrow.
Your love is that drug that takes the pain away and gives me a high.
Your love is that peace I feel in the storm.
Your love is that joy that strengthens my spirit when it feels weak.
Your love Is unassuming, it is good, it is kind, it is patient, it is true and it is pure.
Oh how lucky I am to have it… despite the times I have strayed and driven the nails into your palms again and again. Despite the pain I caused you.
Your love looked on in patience, waiting for me.

Jesus, you fought the battle for my soul and emerged victorious… You’re my super hero, my knight in a shinning armor glorious splendor.
You hold me in your arms and everything is right.
You make me brand new when I remain in the radiance of your love.
The one who loves me like no other can or ever will.
Nothing compares to your endless worth
I am honored to be a recipient of this love that represents all things beautiful.
Lord Jesus, I love you.
My heart can never express it enough
My lips can never say it enough
I love you!!! I have nothing to offer except my words of worship which are less than adequate.
Take my life, and make it yours…

I love you.

The whole buzz of valentine kind of chokes me… We’re so caught up in the material aspect of Love that we ignore what’s important. The funfair of Valentine we’ve come to accept sort of mimics the way we view love… It’s all about what we can get out of it, the more you get, the more you think it’s working out fine.

Don’t get so caught up in the world’s definition of love and how it should be celebrated that you forget to remember your first Love.(Yeah roll your eyes at me, easier for a single lady to say this.. but hey)
He’s the one who loves you against all odds. The one who loved you enough to die for you while you were a rebellious and disobedient child. The one who keeps stooping to pick you up whenever you fall. The one who makes your life beautiful and fills your life with wonderful gifts of life. The one who knows all the skeletons in the closets and still chooses to love you.
The one who receives no gifts from you and still cherishes you.
His love has sheltered you in your time of distress; His love has made you whole. His love has opened shut doors; His love has been the comforting arm in your time of sorrow. His love has encouraged your frustrated heart; His love has made all things new. His love has redeemed, restored and released you. His love has given you that grace that is so scandalous; if He were human He’d be ridiculed for been so merciful
Be thankful for love, Gods love.

Thank you for loving me despite my ugly self, thank you for giving me a chance to be beautiful. Thank you for not giving up on me or basing our relationship on what I have given you(would never have lasted that way)
I love you.


  1. I love you Jesus , you make me complete

  2. Awww, this is beautiful!
    I love this post soo much...
    You just made me say a lil prayer.

    Stay blessed, girl.


  3. Without Jesus, I am nothing. Thanks for bringing this to the fore... this is actually the core of our existence. God has been really good to me, I can't deny that. All that He does, He does because of His love for me.. truly scandalous grace! He would certainly have been ridiculed for his unending mercy towards me if He were human. Thank you Jesus for loving me inspite of me!
    Mwwaahh <>

  4. You are so lucky to feel such wonderful love..i envy.
    i cant/dont feel it like you do. i will keep truckin onward towards Jesus.

  5. You are so lucky to feel such wonderful love..i envy.
    i cant/dont feel it like you do. i will keep truckin onward towards Jesus.

    1. He loves you just as much.. Just believe and walk around like the person Jesus loves :)It takes some getting used to though :)

  6. The lover of my soul, the one who completes me. How we forget such immeasurable love for mankind. Joy, thanks for taking me down dat road of rememberance.


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