The Love Collision: Love Is A Firm Decision - Adakole William

Adakole John William is an award winning singer, songwriter, worship leader, producer and entrepreneur, driven by an intense love for the God and humanity. Adakole is Anointed and Graced to bring Hope, light and healing to the world through the Light of Gods Word.
He released his debut album, Highly Lifted, in December 2012 and is currently working on Highly lifted, Volume 2.
Highly Lifted is available on iTunes here
Facebook: adaKOLE WILLIAM Instagram: adakolewilliam

What is your definition of love?

Beyond a sweet beautiful feeling, more than a jolly emotional ride, love is a never-ending circle of total submission, loyalty, responsibility, appreciation and sacrifice. Love is a firm decision.

Have you had a love encounter with God?

Oh yes, I’ve had remarkable love encounters with God. We have love encounters every day, every other hour, minute… second… every breath is a love encounter.

How has that changed your life and your perception of Christianity and what religion has portrayed it to be?

Over the years I have filled loads of forms... even from the first one (my birth certificate) there's always a place for Religion, and I fill Christian. But I got to realize in John 3:16, a call from God to believe and accept an everlasting Love relationship. He gave His son as a love exchange for Hate, anger and death. So I can have free access to the Love He talked about in 1John 3:1. This love made me a SON OF GOD. With this, I realized Christianity is not my religion but My person! Not a code of conduct but a person! I, now transformed into the Person of Christ Jesus.

How has this love shaped your understanding of who God is?

My understanding of God changed the day I realized God had so many places to live in. I mean Heaven is made of unimaginable streets of Gold... No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no human mind can fathom... unimaginable purity, but with all this... He chose to live in me. Many things I wanted to be as a child and I still aspire to be as an adult. All this things can't even measure up to a ''tiny bit'' of God but this God wants to be me, and wants me to be Him. To be just like Him. I in Him and He in me, maintaining a constant Love relationship with Him. This is a Loving Father.

How has this love walk affected your life? i.e Has this love shielded you from trials? If it hasn’t, how have you been able to reconcile the truth of a loving God with the facts of life’s challenges in your face?

Trials and challenges would always pop up every now and then, as part of the worlds system... Even Jesus Christ who is God had to face this while on earth. He grew from infant to adult and went through life’s challenges like every other human in His time but you see, the Bible never recorded anywhere that He was weighed down or overwhelmed by any challenge... and this is what experiencing Gods love has done for me... It has changed my outlook and disposition for better, to that of a winner. Now I look at every other challenge or trial as just another circumstance God has set to display His Love and affection for me, because I win always and I always come out victorious and better.

If you were given a chance to witness this love to someone, what would you say?

This Love is real, this Love is potent. Love is a person. You can probably know about a person but you cant experience a person until there's been a meeting point... God is Love! To experience real Love, there's got to be a meeting point between man and God! The cross!


  1. "To experience real love,there's got to be a meeting point between man and God! The cross"...WORD.TRUTH

    1. I read that statement more than once to grasp its full meaning. He couldn't have used any better climax!


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