The Love Collision: Love is God - Rev. Arome Adah

Rev Arome E. Adah is the General Overseer of Savannah Ministries with major outreaches in the areas of churches, fellowships, media & publications, crusades and seminars and music. His dynamic ministry of bringing the God's word to the people has produced tremendous results in millions of lives and in diverse ways, stirring up the faith of God in the hearts of men.
Rev Adah is especially anointed to reach and minister healing to the sick. The ministry he oversees has grown with locations in Nigeria, Zambia, England, and U.S.A. with a vision of Building up believers to maturity, Raising up ministers for the end time harvest, Preaching the gospel with signs and wonders following and using the word of God to meet the needs of Mankind. Savannah Ministries reaches out to her community through Blessing Mankind (, a non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides free medical services, welfare and educational initiatives.
He is the author of Love, the Flame of Jah. He is married to Dr. Ojonugwa and they are blessed with 3 children, April, Emmanuella and Xavier.

What is your definition of love?

It’s a broad question. But I’ll put it this way, love is God! And if I look at love as God, I believe that the best definition for love is receiving what He’s done for us; receiving forgiveness. It goes beyond feelings; it goes beyond the butterflies in the belly, its commitment to what is given to us.

Have you had a love encounter with God?


How has that changed your life and your perception of Christianity and what religion has portrayed it to be?

It has changed me completely. It’s made me to see Christianity in a different light because religion always paints a picture of what we need to do to get Gods attention or Gods love, but I now see that love gives without necessarily telling you to do anything. All I need to do is accept the love that has been given to me.

How has this love shaped your understanding of who God is?

God is love.  Back in the day, we were made to see God as a beast seating in heaven with a whip, waiting for us to miss it. But with my understanding of love, and knowing God is love… I see Him in a different light now. I am blessed with parents that show real love, and this has made it easy for me to see God as a loving Father I can relate with, and play in His presence, knowing He’s not judging me based on my performance, but that He loves me.

How has this love walk affected your life? i.e Has this love shielded you from trials? If it hasn’t, how have you been able to reconcile the truth of a loving God with the facts of life’s challenges in your face?

The truth about Gods love has completely changed everything for me. Knowing that God loves me makes good things happen for me. God is love; He’s also all-powerful, thus believing in His love for me makes me experience His power in my life daily. Hence I’m able to face similar challenges others face with a deep knowledge that the power of Gods love is available to me, and it works. Paul prayed that we might know his(God’s) power that is available to us. In believing in Gods love, I know power is available to me daily, healing my body, meeting my needs, protecting me, and putting me over.

If you were given a chance to witness this love to someone, what would you say?

I’ll say God loves you. He’s forgiven your sins in Jesus death burial and resurrection. If you can accept that, your life will be completely changed, just like mine.


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