The Love Collision: Love is God - Pastor Avese Tokula

Pastor Avese J. Tokula is a minister of the gospel (born second out of three children), together with her husband they oversee Christ family ministries ( with headquarters in Gboko.
She’s a teacher of God’s word, shedding light on His love and grace with so much simplicity that even children can grasp. Her love for children and the next generation is unparalleled.
Pastor Avese a Computer Science graduate worked as IT Field Engineer with a renowned company for almost 8 years but recently resigned in order to focus on her God given dreams.
She’s the founder of Wellspring Education Foundation and Wellspring Christian Schools an Education services provider for children aged 3months to 11 years (
She lives in Gboko, Benue State Nigeria with her husband Rev. Arome E. Tokula and together they have three lovely children Psalm, Yana and Justin (on the way)

What is your definition of love?

Love is God. 1st John 4:7-8 says God is love and if God is love then love is God. If I say I love someone then I am as God would be to that person. Think about it seriously. Everything God would do to the person He loves is what I would do if I truly love that person. We find the characteristics of the God kind of love in 1st Corinthians 13:4-8 and its ultimate demonstration in John 3:16; thus my simple definition of love is GOD. That’s why a man or woman who does not know God CANNOT love.

Have you had a love encounter with God?
Yes. My very first love encounter with God is having a revelation of Him giving His son Jesus to die for my sins. That will never seize to amaze me. And then over and over again; in my love life with my husband, my family, the birth of my children, my church, on the job, my business and my entire life, I see His loving hands reaching out to me daily.
I’m reminded of one time my son had to have a surgery. I had prayed and believed God that the condition would go away yet it lingered until I felt led to let him have the surgery. It was truly trying for me. He was only 3 years old. God saw us through it all, the support from friends and family and the miraculous provision were all indications of God’s love for me. My son healed so fast and hardly even remembers that situation.

How has that changed your life and your perception of Christianity and what religion has portrayed it to be?

Well I’ve learned that the troubles come but that I’m not defeated and I cannot quit. I’ve learned that I am more than conquerors through Christ who loves me and gave Himself for me, and that if God gave me Jesus He’d never withhold anything from me. For us it’s a win win situation. God does not bring evil; He has no evil in Him. Every good and perfect gift comes from God. I recognize Satan as the thief, killer and destroyer and I have authority over him. When I see evil I don’t accept it as my faith I take my authority over the devil and his works in the name of Jesus. I always win.

How has this love shaped your understanding of who God is?

I understand beyond a shadow of doubt that God is good to all (Psalm 145:9), He loves me (Jer. 31:3) and His plans for me are good (Jer. 29:11). I have come to see that He turns everything around for my good. What the devil meant for evil, God is a master at making it work for my benefit. I have learned that God is trustworthy and dependable. He has NEVER let me down.
How has this love walk affected your life? i.e Has this love shielded you from trials? If it hasn’t, how have you been able to reconcile the truth of a loving God with the facts of life’s challenges in your face?

My previous answers have very much shown that although God loves me and I know it, trials still come and that’s because there’s a devil in this world. It has helped me to know that he is defeated already (Col. 2:14) and only tries to talk me out of who I am in Christ by bringing those thoughts and situations my way. Knowing who God is and what He has done for me in the finished works of Jesus keeps me on the victory side always (2Cor. 2:14)
I’ve seen for myself that God is for me and will never be against me. I’m so convinced of His love that I can never attribute evil to Him. God is absolutely good and He loves me.
When my Dad passed on, it was one of the most trying times of my life. I still couldn’t get passed the fact that God loves me. Come to think of it, he didn’t die all those years he didn’t know the Lord. Now I’m certain he’s with the Lord and I’ll see him again. God loves me.

If you were given a chance to witness this love to someone, what would you say?
Honestly I’ll simply say that ‘God loves you so much He sent His Son Jesus to die for your sins and if you believe in His love you are saved’ Friend, God loves you and He is not angry at you. He has forgiven you all your sin because Jesus paid the price with His precious blood (Eph 1:7). You need to believe this.


  1. Lovely article, Joy.
    Jesus is the best lover there is

  2. WOW, every time I think about God's love for me...His love is beautiful.


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