The Love Collision: Love Is Sacrifice - Melody Nuhu

Melody Nuhu is a graduate of Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus. She’s a passionate young lady with a heart of love, and an eye for creativity.
Melody is the founder of Ruby Ladies, a women’s ministry where she aims to help young ladies see themselves as the priceless, beautiful, powerful and strong women they were created to be, and how much they can achieve when they are established in this truth.
She is also a make up artist based in Abuja.
Facebook: RUBY LADY Instagram: @rubyyladyy

What is your definition of love?

My definition of love is sacrifice. You can tell how much I love you by how much I'm willing to discomfort my self for your sake. I also think that true love is when we're able to make sacrifices for people we aren't necessarily fond of, people who aren’t friends or family. When we're able to do that then we're walking in love.

Have you had a love encounter with God?

I don't have an interesting story of when I was at 0° and my life took a 360° turn. But I can truly say that I have experienced God's amazing love.

How has that changed your life and your perception of Christianity and what religion has portrayed it to be? How has this love shaped your understanding of who God is?

My encounter with God's love has given me a lens through which I view God as my father and best friend, who is always with me, and even more amazing, lives on my inside
It has made me more aware of the fact that God sees what goes on in my mind; He sees the intents of my heart. This has shaped how and why I do the things I do. I'm constantly checking the state of my heart. I understand that outward good works are not enough that God sees beyond all that. 
It has also shaped my fellowship with Him; I go to God vulnerable, open, and real because He already knows what's going on with me. Which makes every time with him an amazing encounter.

How has this love walk affected your life? i.e Has this love shielded you from trials? If it hasn’t, how have you been able to reconcile the truth of a loving God with the facts of life’s challenges in your face?

No! Absolutely not. The love hasn't shielded me from trials but it has seen me through trials. Sometimes something happens and I'm like 'how, why?' But I'm always reminded that Jesus never promised that challenges wouldn't come. The word of God tells me that those challenges build character in me. Romans 5:3. And so most times I try to ask 'father what lesson do you want me to learn from this?’ 
Furthermore one of my best scriptures is Romans 8:28 'and we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to his purpose'. 
And it gives me peace, which is usually not there at first, but as I focus my thoughts on the word I experience His peace and joy.
 I remember one time when I felt like I was in a wilderness like literally. And I remember thinking many times that maybe God was upset with me and so he had left me. I also remember another time when I was so depressed because I felt like I wasn't perfect enough, like something was wrong with me. But God is so kind He saw me out of it, I learnt in that situation that I was focusing on me that was why I was seeing everything wrong. And focusing on Jesus gave me peace.  The fact that I'm here and in my sound mind and happy all means he brought me out of it.

If you were given a chance to witness this love to someone, what would you say?

I'll tell the person about God’s unconditional love. What this means is that, it doesn't matter what we've done, or where we’ve been, God still loves us so much, and wants to have a relationship with us. 

I’ll tell that person that God loves us inspite of our weaknesses, and whatever else that makes us think we don't qualify. We all look to Jesus the perfect one, and He transforms us into his image.
I'll tell them that everything won't be rosy, trials will come, but we don’t let them distract us, or take us out of fellowship with God. We know that even when it doesn't feel like it, God is there with us because He has promised it in His word.


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