Dine and be Wined

One of those parties in one of those 'houses' in ikoyi. Its not a large party,its sort of intimate, a select few from this afternoons launch. we're seated in the beautifully lit garden pretending to be beautifully civilized sipping on champange(juice in my case) eating weird looking meals(you know me, i love the food n somehow i'm not ashamed to be proud of it at this moment...go astoria caterers, go, keep bringing em)
well maybe the rest are civilized, all major oil company MDs,and huge HUGE financial dogs(not bankers if i may add, suddenly no ones courting the bank mds anymore) ministers and cooperate gurus and socialite mamalets spread all around. And such great host we have. When i grow up i'll have a garden party of my own and i'll be the perfect host.

And what do you know, the soft drinks have run dry, but of course the champagne can never be out of supply, thats even scandalous to think about (Moet what? Nah, thats for the lower class bourgeois, ).

*gasp* is that a girl in bum shorts? The nerve of her, tainting the glamorous nose in air gathering with such a wear, i mean look @ FQ shes all glamorous in her bla bla bla dress, hair packed up like a little princess from zango kataf that she is:) and she looks so at home in the garden, oh the cameras had better stop clicking before she goes blind, no really she loves pictures but not this much, shes not as proud as the peacock shes wearing on her earlobes.

Oh isnt that the Md of something something seating just beside her And something something of so and so oil company?Ahh shes such a mannerless something something something, worse than the bum shorts lady, how in d world can she be bb'ing @ dinner? Socialless butterfly.

The life bands good, the musician just called us to "please dance on the floor" "dont be shy" SERIOUSLY? Where else are we expected to dance if not on the floor? The tables? why not just ask us to up and dance? well some italian's on the floor dancing, so i guess he made sense to some.

dont get me wrong, it isnt all bad, wait, it isnt bad at all, i'm having fun. mingling with the rich and famous who arent about the government funds, well not completely about the government funds that is.....i just want my mates all around me so i can snigger and giggle and not bb and feel like i'm a spoilt child cos thats the way of the young world today works, and my mates understand that(i may love bb'ing, doesnt mean i dont get peeved by it either).

Been binging on deserts and soon, i'll have to get up and mingle, shake hands with board room alligators i've met before and those unknown in that firm grip i've tried to learn, laugh like a lady and not a girl when they ask me "what do you do young lady" and i joke "i'm a retiree" and they laugh and think i'm such a sweet witty young lady, and of course i give the laugh of the lady. Sip on my juice thats such a scare resource, nod knowingly at their conversation and pretend to choke on something, my tongue perhabs as i walk away when they ask my opinion on the present banking reforms or something intellectual about nigeria.
Its not all bad afterall:)
Happy thanksgiving.
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  2. enjoyment.......oh no she didnt...bum shorts??????????????????

  3. I felt like I was by your side at the party. Nice one, you dey enjoy ooo...

  4. Living the Life of the rich and Famous. loL!!!

    I seriously hope you didn't type this at your garden party.

  5. I will join you next time. Naija pple sabi enjoyment.

  6. lol u're all invited...if u find me:)
    @sirius *sad sigh * yes i wrote this at the party.


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