Waxing it out!

Whoever invented waxing has got to be a foe of the female folk. I mean its mean man, after the first strips been reaped off, all i want to do is run off half waxed to pick up my shaving stick. But I end up enduring it with very teary eyes:)
Cos in the end,I love the relief I get from the soothing gel and I love the smooth feel of my legs.

But we just keep going back to the waxing table despite knowing how painful it is because....well its like childbirth, you're in labor and you curse and spit and regret ever having sex, till you push that little bundle out, you see its face and its all worth it,you forget the insanity of it all, and then you find yourself having sex yet again...:)

The end result of waxing is great,like the end result of being in labor, but the process is hell.

Lifes like having a good ol' wax, to achieve your dreams sometimes, you go through difficult situations....but you have to keep striving, bear the pain and frustration cos in the end it'll be all worth it, you'll get a nice clean out shiny skin(life), run away halfway and you look like a lunatic.

we've got loads of people roaming the streets with unfinished dream projects just because they're not tough enough to endure after the first challenge....if only we could just clench our fist and bite our inner lips and endure it all till its over...if only. Then life would be better.
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  1. You're exactly right though your analogy got me laughing out loud. Life is never easy..

  2. Hmmmmmmm.

    Nail right on the head.

    Survival of the fittest.

    We must keep pushing.

  3. u did what?
    abeg, im allergic to pain in all forms of disguise!

    but tell me sha, is it less painful if you get a trim first?

  4. I've never waxed but definitely endurance and persistence in key in making a success of anything!
    How're you dear?

  5. nice one. which reminds me, I must find time to visit my waxologist this weekend oh! kai, never enough time for anything....

  6. My sister in law took me to do me eyebrows and God I av not forgiven her for d pain i went thru. But I av to admit i did look ouch!!


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