the turkeys arent thankful:)

Another thanksgiving has come… may feel you have nothing to be thankful for, but the fact that you’re alive at this moment and reading this is enough to lay on the floor giving God all the glory.... common, don't snort at that, i mean u have internet or a blackberry to browse with. how many people are out there with no internet *gasp* or blackberrys * double gasp * or phones that have browsers *triple gasp out of breath* yes, do the chicken dance. you've got stuff to be thankful for.
We should be thankful everyday, the fact that the Americans put a day aside doesn’t mean we leave thankfulness to just one day. so i'll defile them and do my post a day before:) now thats clever. 
Well there'll be no stuffed turkey for me, but theres a lot of stuffed vessels filled with thanks in my heart. he really has been good, especially at those moments when i have felt like i've been cast away, i have truly seen his goodness. i could do another thanksgiving list, but what's the point, a zillion things wouldn't make it to the list cos well, sometimes we just don't realize those little things could have been huge disasters and so we overlook them. i try to imagine myself sometimes in a place where some are, that place that drives them to stand on adeyemo alakija at night, that place that dissolves shame as they stand on the road begging, i cant even begin to. Thank God for his grace.
we’re doing a video shoot tomorrow(i was still working i did be thankful its a public holiday) and I’ve got an office warming in V/I, so its going to be busy and fun I hope. Then I’m off to Abuja then Makurdi, my family is having her thanksgiving on Sunday. It’ll be fun being home.
It’s funny how at such family thanksgivings we hardly think of what we’re being thankful for, its all about the preparations. Theres the caterer, the invites, the this and the that, and the right color for the aso ebi, bla bla bla. and in my case, the food (i mean theres 2 venues for the reception and i've asked who the caterer for each venue is so i can drift to the place that'll suit my needs most)So many things taking us away from the real reason for the celebration.
I wasn’t bought a new lace to wear for the ocassion like my granma,sister,my mom and her sisters . So I’ve sulked about that , whining about not having anything to wear to anyone who dared ask. till some days ago when  I stopped to be think that I’ve got a suitecase full of laces, some never used more than once, why cant i use any of them? My ungrateful heart just forgot to see what I already had, it was all set on showing off. I’m thankful for the fact that I've realized that i really do have and I feel so sorry and spoilt for whining and grumbling(well it sort of paid off, i’m picking mum from the airport and rumor has it that theres a new lace in her suitecase for me) I’ve been blinded with the preparations and all the glitz and show offs of the event that I haven’t truly thanked God for what we’re taking friends to church to thank him for. its been a good year.
I’m so thankful for my family, for standing by me, especially in those moments when I've acted like a spoilt child, even at my temporal moments of insanity they’ve believed in me, and let me be, not pressuring me(although I still feel the silent pressure) I’m thankful for the friends that have been supportive and given me laughs, for those who have prayed for and with me.i'm doing a thankyou project, writing a thankyou note to my family and everyone whos impacted my life positively this year. thats the best i can do to show how much i appreciate(well theres always a first class ticket to wonderland, but i'll pass on that, they'll appreciate the notes better right?). i'm thankful for my blogspot fam for sticking with me through the years. I’m thankful for my renewed faith in God and the chance to worship him in spirit, I’m thankful for the confident hope I have in Christ Jesus. All in all, i'm just thankful. 
Have a blessed and wonderful season, and as we come to the end of the year, its time we stop grumbling and start thanking, for in our thanks God showers more blessings, lets not be like the 9 lepers who didn’t bother going back.
P.S.. i'm thankful i'm not a turkey, not just any turkey, an american turkey. this season of thanksgiving and christmas must suck being an american for them:)


  1. Another great thankful post. Are you an actress by any chance? Enjoy your time together with family and safe trip all around.

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  2. Glad you are able to ponder and count your blessings. It is easy for us Christians/human beings to focus on our needs and forget our blessings.

    Enjoy your stay in Naija and time with family and friends.


  3. I am super thankful for the many blessings I did nothing to receive. Hmmm.

    Thanks so much for sharing this sis, how far now?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  4. lol! thank God we have reasons to be thankful unlike the turkeys.


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