What if...?

Was on twitter today and had this thought... What if we have our blackberries on us when we're raptured?
Oh what madness, twitter and facebook and bbm updates would go crazy. Some of the things you'd see up would be:
Yo, Jesus just came and I'm so excited. I'm going home baybay!!! Rt if u're ascending too. ;)
O boy, see as Jesus dey ride on the clouds. If u no see am, u're on a long thing...chei!
Wow, u wldnt believe who just soared past me...it's @jollipop who wld ve thot that one'll make it.
Y'all shd see d angels, its crazy up here. Imma twitpix it for u in a bit. #rapturetweets
If you're not here you're on a lonnnng thing. Fi le!!! #rapturetohbad
See this bad guy o @jboy how u take join us? U don bring ur 419 here ba?

Guy,d tin fear me o,I just go church 2day o,just nw I take altar call I dey c myself hereRT@mboy: See this bad guy o @jboy how u take join us? U don bring ur 419 here ba?

Wait a minute, where's @pastoryomi we were standing together and I don't see him going up with me.#iknewit
Kai, see beef o,all of u hatin on me, remember when I was postn all those msges n u unfollowed me? #donthate #thatisall #chewgrenade #hugtransforemer #meIdongo
Its so sad, seeing all the peeps left behind. O well so excited, seeing my mansion in a minute yayyyy!!!
Look who the trumpet called...*bbm dancing smiley*
Jealous much? *bbm tongue out smiley*
I can think of more annoying things that would be posted, the insensitive smug statements and the 'I told you so' et co, cos really everyone wants to show off one way or the other on the social networks.
But Thank God he wouldn't let anyone rub it in anyone's face...because we are saved only by GRACE and GRACE alone, not by our works, so we have no right to disparage anyone like we earned the right to the riding the wind to heaven.
The world of christiandom where love ought to reign as king has some people walking around with the 'holier than thou, better than thou' attitude.
Salvation has no class and is absolutely free, or else some of us would be made to seat in economy by the 'real' Christians, with only the 'chicken and beef' option to choose from while they lounge in first class with chinaware and a menu to choose from because they're 'more christian' than us.... All because we refuse to clean our makeups and take off our earrings after salvation.
#thankGodforgrace it humbles us.
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  1. this is so hilarious and well written
    You are so right
    Thank God for his grace

    Have a great weekend hun

  2. LOL...I couldn't stop from smiling. Yes o, I look forward to that day.

  3. But for grace!!!
    Thank God say man no be God!
    Great post...got me smiling!

  4. Lol laughed my head off!! Well said...ONLY BY GRACE CAN WE ENTER.....thank God for HIS amazing GRACE

  5. lol....funny but those updating their status might be the ones that didnt make it.lol....funny post

  6. lol.... very funny post
    but true, in God's kingdom everyone is equal

    I'm following u, Follow me at


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