I'm headed for heathrow in a few hours.
Its been fun while it lasted.
couple of months away, it almost feels like i was escaping reality.
but i refuse to dignify that thought with a response. Its back to the hustling.
I'm lighter now, no,i'm not bleaching, i guess i'll have a few days to enjoy my new complexion in nigeria before the sun tones me down. Who knows i might get to experience the 'awesome goodness of life' all those who bleach get when they become multicolored...but then, maybe not, i'm not a patch of black and white...oh well *sigh* i guess i'll never know.
so maybe i'm blabbling cos i don't want to think about the heartbreak i'll be experiencing in a bit. Not kissing my baby niece and taking in the freshness of her.
Not having the bigger girls bug me out with stories i'd rather not hear....its all love.
not seeing my dearest and sweet big sister every day and stalking my brother every other day.
and lots more.
i'll miss going to church on sundays, and window shopping at brentcross after church, then taking bus 189 to oxford circus, just because i want to be on my own, seating on the top deck and listening to refreshing music on my ipod....

The holiday didnt go as i planned in some ways, but then God works in mysterious ways, i learnt a lot from it, and i got to experience what it means to be fed by the ravens like in elijahs case.

Well its back to the real real reality, and then i start to work on every loosed ends. And even though i'm a little bit scared of reality, i walk into it knowing Gods got my back, thus i'm ready to move mountains, and  close the biggest deals ever, and no client dares to disappoint me at the last min:) cos someborry go wound real bad.


  1. Oooooooooooooooooooooh! I must be mega late.
    Somebody came out of the closet. hehehe. Nice background.

    189 was my bus! Brent cross was my prowling ground, now you're making me miss Londres.

  2. Lol... I miss it too, I wanted out of the cold, now this heat is making me beg for it.

  3. I'm glad you had fun, now let's get back to trying to enjoy lagos :)


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