Entitled: Just Enough?

I was going on vacation to Dubai with my cousin and sister and I was the middle man between my Uncle who was sponsoring the trip and the rest of us. He asked me to get a budget together…. I tried my best to be moderate, to be considerate with him, so I got a real nice package deal, that still availed us the luxury of a five star hotel and a fabulous vacation…. He was impressed with the price I presented.

When it came to our allowance, he asked me what we were expecting from him. I was expecting a lot, my expectation was so high, I had budgeted for a Louis Vuitton bag among other luxuries. I really was expectant, but I got cold feet at the last minute especially when I saw what he was spending on tickets and accommodation, I felt sorry for his wallet…. So I told him a very minimal amount…. I could see the shock and mixture of excitement on his face, I called way way way below what he had apparently budgeted for us… and he handed over the money almost immediately. I had saved him money he was willing to spend.
When my aunt heard what I asked for, she went crazy… how could you? It was a pretty sum of money, but not pretty enough to live in abundance, just enough to have a good holiday, I could buy my bag, but it didn't avail us an excessively carefree one.
Did you put into consideration things like cab fares and meals? She asked. I didn’t even think of those basic things, meaning we would have to spend from our shopping allowance on the basics. She was mighty pissed at me, my travel companions weren't impressed with me…. I was mighty pissed at myself and my uncle was mighty pleased with me… I think he felt sorry for us in the end, so much that he had to send extra money just before we left. You see, I had the opportunity to receive more but I was feeling so sorry for him and I requested for something less than he was willing to give.
Sometimes our desire to be modest don't help us when it comes to receiving blank cheques. In the world, it's a good thing to be modest when it comes to receiving help... but with God, that's a no no.

That’s not how God works; He doesn’t want us to feel sorry for Him when we receive.  “…you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Psalms 23:5
God is the God of abundance, He doesn’t just give enough to meet the basic needs, He gives to the overflow… running over.(and he does this for our enjoyment and so we can be a blessing)
Our minds are so small, so limited and so filled with junk thoughts that limit our ability to ask and receive from God.
You are entitled to this blessings by the sacrifice of Jesus, if you have a need, ask and it will be given… believe God for the best and not just good enough and you will receive. Don’t downplay your needs for your heavenly Father, He is well more than able to give us abundantly more than we can ask or think. (Ephesians 3:20)


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