On Nando's and Waiting...

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I promised my niece Mimi, that I would take her to Nandos at the weekend. I was down with the flu when I made that promise and I told her if I felt strong enough we’d go. She was motivated by that promise to always pray for me to feel better soon.
I was out of bed by Saturday, but I still felt a little woozy and all I wanted to do was just stay home and rest, but my Mimi wouldn't let me be. I tried to bargain with her; let's stay home today, and I'll send for McDonald's (which she absolutely loves) and then next weekend we'll go to Nandos.
Baby girl wailed ... I couldn't believe she would pass off a chance for an extra treat. That wasn’t wisdom!
And so I got my woozy feeling self up and went to Nandos. 

It got me thinking how sometimes God wants us to wait, more like, He needs us to wait... Not because He's going to deny us, but because there's one or two things He wants us to catch before we get there, get to the promise. Things that'll help us mature/sustain us/help us thrive at the destination... But we get so impatient with Him and refuse to wait... We insist on having our way. We wail our way out of the waiting room… no wonder we see people crash and make so many mistakes so often.
I've realized that for every time God has asked me to wait... He hasn’t left me helpless. The waiting may have seemed so hard, but it’s always been worth it. Even in my impatience, I've seen Him throw McDonald's here and there in the waiting mix. There are always sprinkles and even showers of blessings in the waiting room. Experiences that help me grow out of myself, into something better and bigger. Experiences that ‘man’ me up.

The only reason you haven't noticed the blessings as you wait is because you're so focused on what isn't happening right now, that you fail to see that He hasn't left you helpless. And those little blessings in the waiting room count for so much when you finally get to the destination, to your promise. Those blessings help you see things differently... Help you manage your destination well because character to sustain you, to help you thrive at the top is formed amongst many other things.
Don't be so focused on the disappointment of waiting for Nandos that you miss out on the added bonus of McDonald's while you wait.
God’s got you, and His waiting room isn’t bare… look well!


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