Entitled... Upgrade!

The first time I was upgraded to business class, I was ecstatic… I was so excited, but I tried to be modest… I tired hard not too feel free to abuse all the services and perks that British airways made available to me, because I felt like I didn’t pay for that class, so I ought to behave myself… because surely the hostess knew and would judge me or turn their noses up when I asked for more or requested for something.
It took me a while to realize that paid for or not, as long as I was given a pass to seat in that place, I was entitled to all that was served, to their services, to make demands and to freely enjoy all that was available, and if I didn’t use it up, it was my loss and the shame was on me.

The fact that it was given to you by grace and not your works doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy or you don’t qualify for the best of services. You are entitled to the best it has to offer even if it is a gift and you did not have to pay for it. The cross happened not because we deserved it, but His love and grace caused that price to be paid and now all the benefits are ours for the taking… its foolishness not to take full advantage of it because we feel we don’t qualify for that price paid. God knew we would never be able to earn His salvation, yet He did it and gave it to us for free. Don’t be timid when it comes to enjoying the benefit of salvation… you may not have been able to afford it, but its been given to you for free, don’t judge yourself and limit yourself from partaking fully in the rich and satisfying life it brings.

You want the airhostess to attend to you, they will… they even call you by name… enjoy it! Don’t refuse the first course or the attention and don’t be timid about accepting all that’s offered.
We’ve been given all things we need for a satisfying life and godliness(2 Peter 1:3) Its been given and so we are entitled to enjoy it without labor, without stress. It’s grace.
If you were upgraded by the airline, don’t feel like a charity case and reject the perks that come with it, thinking the hostess are judging you for enjoying the charity… that’s punishment. Adjust the seat. Ask from another glass of wine or apple juice, eat like a king when you’re served and even ask for second helpings. Its grace, so take as much as you can and even so much more… running over.

You’ve been given this salvation for free… relax in it… make demands on the cross, ask for what you want, receive with glee… enjoy life to the fullest… that’s what Christ upgraded you into… a life of grace and ease… rich and satisfying (John 10:10) You’re entitled to it.


  1. That last paragraph!!!
    very true, but very hard to practice, the devil just keeps on flashing your mistakes in your face and you feel like you are not worthy...

    1. I know it's hard... but the battle is won in your heart, the more he flashes your mistakes in your face, the more you declare Gods word and say "I am the righteousness of God in Christ" it may not feel that way but the more you declare that even in the midst of you mistakes, the more you rise up to begin to feel like the righteous one that you are. Does this make sense? If you're still not 'clear', please send me a mail, i'll be happy to talk more about this with you akutjoy@yahoo.com

  2. Awesome praise God. His grace upgraded me.


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