Entitled... Take the Best!

I have three favorite perfumes and then others; Hermes Jour d’Hermes, Chanel Mademoiselle and Gucci Guilty. I love them and then the others that grace my table… my bottle of Gucci guilty was less than half and I didn’t bait an eyelid because I knew mum had a full bottle, thus I used hers whenever I felt like it, because I needed to save my bottle, until I eventually took the bottle out of her room. I wasn’t out of perfumes, I still had full bottles of my other two favorites and half of my Gucci and various fills of others, but it didn’t stop me from taking from mum one of her favorite perfumes, because I wanted it… It wasn’t a need, it was a want. “The Lord is m shepherd, I shall not want”(Psalm 23:1)

My sister came home one day and she needed a perfume. She looked at mums’ dressing table trying to decide on which perfume to take. Mum asked her to pick whatever she wanted. She picked the cheapest bottle on the table… although it was a new bottle, as someone had just given it to mum as a gift… I certainly wouldn’t have picked that if given the opportunity to pick any, especially if I had none. I would have picked something more expensive… not what she picked.

My siblings are considerate when it comes to mum. I am as well, but I have this crazy mindset that the best of mum belongs to me, so I take her best when she offers anything. I want to use her sunglasses, I don’t take the cheap ones, I go for the Chanel… it’s her best and most expensive. My sisters do the right thing; we are all well brought up. But I have the last-born syndrome, and so I act that way with mum… she doesn’t owe me anything, the world would tell me, but that sense of entitlement just plays out strongly, because I am her daughter, i deserve her best.
I always use the relationship between my mum and I to catch a glimpse of Gods goodness towards me… as hopelessly devoted as she is to her kids, it comes nothing close to Gods devotion and goodness to us.

And so with God, we should all act like His last-born. I do! If He’s offering me anything, then I have the right to reach for the best. In the world, what my sisters do is considered as discipline, but with God, refuse to be foolish in a bid to being humble.
Desire His best. If He throws open an opportunity, don’t downplay it and leave the change for Him. You don’t impress Him; do not be modest when it comes to receiving from your Father. I take mums best… I believe I deserve Gods best because of what He’s done on the cross, because of His love. I believe and so I receive. 

That’s why I refuse to be anything less. I want the best for myself I refuse to settle. If there’s a nice Gucci perfume on the dresser that I like, then I’ll take it even if I’m not lacking… my sister had none but she was modest in reaching out to receive… The Psalms says "I shall not want"... meaning, your needs are met, and yo do not want for anything, what you desire, you get it even if it isn't a basic need. Don’t be that way with God. You may have a stack of blessings but what makes you think you can’t reach out for more? 

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ: Ephesians 1:3
You are a blessed man, blessed with ALL... blessings are your inheritance, the more you reach out, the more you receive and it’s the best that’s laid out for you to take from, what you want is what you get. Get the best; don’t limit your capacity to receive... stretch out, enlarge your heart and your desires and know that because your Father loves you, you are blessed and you have all... your desires are met... You are entitled to the best, it doesn't diminish God's supply. Take it!


  1. I have used Chanel Mademoiselle and Gucci Guilty both. I think Chanel Mademoiselle is far better than the Gucci Guilty perfume. The fragrance of Chanel Mademoiselle is quite amazing and the notes of this fragrance are also excellent. It's quite interesting to read your story. Thanks for sharing.


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