As a last child, I naturally acquired a sense of entitlement.
I am entitled to love, affection, favor, attention… and preferential treatment amongst many other benefits. That generally isn’t seen as such a great attitude in the worlds system; we say no one owes us anything, learn to live with that thought so you don’t get disappointed.
Thus, my sense of entitlement has a little class and decorum to it. I have wisdom to know that no man owes me anything… I know not to build castles of expectations for men only to be hurt when it crumbles. I know not every kind act is reciprocated or appreciated. I know one good turn may be deserving of another, but it’s not always given.  I have watched my mother go the extra hundred mile for people and not be appreciated. I have watched her not rise up in anger, feeling entitled to the spoils of what she helped pave the way for you to get. This wisdom clause in my entitlement program has shown me to feel entitled, to be expectant, but not get disappointed when people don’t act like they owe me anything, because really they don't and my act of kindness or love shouldn't be based on what I would get in return.
But, If you are my boyfriend/husband… then I am entitled to your loyalty, your love, your time, your respect, your devotion… your integrity, your honor and some more. It is my right as far as I’m concerned… you owe me that.
And if I am your sister or daughter, then I am entitled to your love, your attention, etc.

Having that sense of entitlement from my position as a last born has made it easy to receive from God. I have been continuously schooled on His endless love for me, like putting a magnifying glass directly on paper that it burns, His love is magnified on me like I am the only girl in the world, and I burn, my heart is set on fire with all that love and so I have no choice but to feel entitled. It is my right to have the best of everything. Why? Not because I did something deserving, I could never live up to the standard of His love. It’s all because a price has been paid, a sacrifice has been made and accepted, and now I have the right to be all those things and so much more

Why? Does God owe me anything? No! God doesn’t owe me anything because He already gave me everything on the cross… ALL has been paid for in blood and the receipt is with me… the Holy Spirit.

When He died, He said it is finished and gave me ALL… blessed me, so I don’t owe him and I am not being modest but foolish if I don’t have a sense of entitlement for what’s legally mine.
Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ: Ephesians 1:3
The blood of Jesus is the currency used, my guarantee that all things are mine, and the Holy Spirit helps me enforce my right, come into the fullness of all that I have been blessed to be. So if I don’t rise up and act like I have a right to those things, I am being foolish, and I will let the world and the devil intimidate me with lies that those things aren’t mine or I am not deserving.
The fact is that I do not deserve most of them, but the truth is that God didn’t look at me to qualify me for the gifts, His grace made a way, His love made a way via the cross and the finished works to give me ALL… because I could never work to deserve a third of what I’ve been given.
Praise God.
Walk around the earth with a sense of entitlement.
I am entitled to the best husband, to the best life, to the best clothes, to the best of everything, and that’s what I get.
Desire Gods best for you.
You are entitled to the best Job, the best home, the best husband/wife, the best selling published book, the best song, the best dance, the best of the best… don’t settle for less, don’t dream small. Have the last born mentality, dig deeper for your sense of entitlement and enjoy ALL that God gave Jesus that you may have… abundance. Some may see it as pride… but it’s the life you ought to be living.


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