I was so broke some days ago.

Literally up in my neck with bills to pay etc. I have a program to plan and it cost money! Was I worried? No! I’ve learned not to worry always; still work in progress and the lessons are so profound. I’ve learned to trust God in moments like this because He always comes through. I use what I have and trust Him to supply the rest. He does!

So, I woke up quite broke, and mentally calculating what I could do/how I could spread out as far as I could with the left over cash in my account. Then I got a credit alert on my phone. A dividend payment came in from one of the companies I invested in about nine years ago.
It was quite unexpected as there’s been no payment in three years. I hoped 2017 FYE would be better, but I wasn’t really expecting anything. I don’t get letters in the post anymore as I’ve moved from my Lagos address and haven’t been able to redirect to where I am. Plus I got too occupied with other things to follow up with the news.

A dividend is basically a cash payment from the earnings of a company after a financial year-end, usually announced by the board of directors and distributed among stockholders.
In other words, it is the investor’s slice of cake from the company’s profit.

Sometimes, I’m in a place where physically, my accounts are empty. But I know it doesn’t mean I have nothing because I have alive and well investments in a company that’s thriving even with the perceived economy downturn of the nation.
At the time I made this investment, it was a huge sacrifice. I could have bought a car and gone on holidays somewhere fancy with the money, but I made a choice and it’s paying off now… I mean I’ve used the dividends I’ve gotten from here to sort out just at the right time issues.
The other investments I made didn’t mean so much, those were the change from my salary I used every other month to purchase little shares here and there, I didn’t feel it, and I can afford not to cash the dividend payments that come from them.

This is what it’s like with God.
You have bought into His kingdom with your belief. Invested in the price He paid by believing in the sacrifice of Christ. And this may not make sense to people around you. It feels like letting go of a lot of things for a belief that seems foolish… giving up life as you know it to be, for a Christ you cant physically see. They say you take this Christian thing too serious, lighten up! You lose friends and the right to momentary pleasures that end in destructions, like I missed out on a car that would have been gone by now and a holiday that I would have shopped for stuff I cant use anymore now.
But it’s the greatest investment you can make. Salvation is the most profitable investment you can make because, my goodness! The dividend payment that comes from/through it is crazy!

Like even when my account is empty, I know I’m not poor, I have an investment somewhere working for me and its just a matter of time before I lay my hands on it. So it is when you’re invested in Christ, even when it feels like you’re sick and the physical symptoms are there; you know there’s an investment you’ve made that’s working for you, and a guaranteed dividend that says you’re healed. “He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.” 1 Peter 2:24

Even when you’re broke with everything around you blinking red… you know there’s an alive and well investment with a guaranteed dividend that says you’re rich. You know the generous grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that by his poverty he could make you rich.” 2 Corinthians 8:9(NLT)
There's a whole lot to say about the investment of physical cash to God (by all types of giving within and outside the church, to the anointed, to the poor etc)
That dividend from blood of Jesus is awesome.

Faith is what we use to access what’s already been given.
“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1(ESV)
That’s how you access the payment from the board of directors of heavens glory, that’s what determines how great your financial year is and gives you access to the dividend. What you dare to use your faith for, determines what you receive from heavens endless resource of righteousness, peace, joy, health, boldness etc.
The beauty of investing in God is you don’t have to wait a whole year for heavens ‘company’s’ books to be closed, and then to determine if the investment has been profitable depending on your good or bad works. The FYE of heaven is all day, every day and it is always profitable. You use your faith to receive and cash your dividend, just like I did physically with what my investment gave to me.
When a seemingly broke saved man keeps saying I am rich (not a lazy saved man) don’t laugh at him, he knows the price that has been paid for Him and he’s using his faith to enter into his inheritance. 
Keep working your faith. Like Col. Moyo said, give your faith time to produce!  Because it always does, if only you hold on.

Money truly always comes. This dividend payment may not have covered all I need to do, but it came at the right time, just when I needed it, and it is the best payout so far from the company. I used my faith to cash in on this… now it came from an explainable source, but don’t tell me its not God. There are still needs to be met, and I’m still using this faith to draw from the might supply of God.

Invest your belief in salvation! It pays. 

*** There’s another investment of our faith that is physical and so important. Giving! To the anointed, to the church, to the needy! Seeds sown speak for us and are multiplied in unexpected ways. (I enjoy the dividend of giving)


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