Gossip... Chitchats... Safe Place.

Sometimes what people tag as gossip didn’t start out as that.
I've realized from personal experience that people talk because they feel like they’ve found a safe place to bare their hearts.
Now, it doesn't mean that they don't pray. They talk to God, but the importance of having 'a person' cannot be over emphasized.
And so they talk about their pain in their perceived human safe place, and then if someone else is involved, they talk about how this person caused the pain and how they feel this person has hurt them and give out information and facts of different instances to back their lamentation.
It’s a safety net they’ve found so they vomit all that’s within.

Not everyone is fortunate enough with their safe place. Because you realize that this ‘safe place person' has a huge leak... and the person tells another with gossip in ‘concern’ clothing and that’s how the story moves till it gets back to the one talked about. Different versions... but never the less, the truth, however it is distorted.

Now did the one who used talking as a therapy lie? Sometimes not. Sometimes they tell the absolute truth and that truth is the bad experienced. But because of how it’s flown around perching on different ‘conversations’ it ends up feeling like a mafia code of omertà has been broken and you go round smearing the other party any opportunity you get and you’re now the bad person.
This could be your friend, family or even your pastor/church family.(unfortunately)

Most 'safe places people' package your puke and sell it as gossip to earn cheap points.

Anytime you speak something negative or reveal something negative about someone else when they aren't present - it's gossip. Even if it's under the guise of a "prayer request." - Kenneth Copeland Ministries

I've been guilty of this. But I'm being perfected. This has to be delebrate, becasue some people you come around are loose cannons and before you know it, they get talking, you get nodding and somehow you contribute to the talk.

But there's a huge difference between speaking negatively and pouring out your heart in revealing a hurt you've experienced from someone. That's where some people fail to draw the line. They refuse to own up to their wrongs and instead come with accusations that you're gossiping about them.

Having said this... the world is filled with many issues and people going through these issues. Don't be an addition to their problems. Be a safe place without leaks. Be a reason they can sigh in relieve because you have listened and you have comforted and you have become dumb to their issues even to your best friend. Be the one who only talks about their issues when you have to pray for them... Be the one when you hear about someone's woes or mistakes go to them, not for 'gist' in guise of 'concern', but genuine concern where you truly want to pray with them.

I'm trying to be this person. This person that is leak free. I try, and grace is available.

Like I said, most safe places package your puke and sell it as gossip to earn cheap points. It's tempting to reveal something you know, it brings attention to yourself...  it earns you attention for a moment, but after that, what next?

Who is your safe place? 
Is your safe place leak free?
Are you a leak free safe place?

Remember, it is important to have a place to talk, but first and foremost it is important to have God as your first call. If ever He repeats your conversation, it is to someone He knows will rise up to help you overcome.



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