Incense: An Invitation

It’s never ONE BIG YES to God. It’s always a thousand yes’s along the way. – Havilah Cunnington
And this has been my story… saying yes over and over again. I remember when I said YES to the first Incense, since then, sometimes I’d to shy away from instructions, sometimes I would run boldly with it, sometimes I’d step into it with fear and a heart filled with trust… but always, it’s consistently saying yes.

So excited to be hosting Incense again. It’s a Yes that I’ll continue to say to God. I would love to have you be with us at this edition. It’s quite special. 
I have some of my favorite worship leaders on board... Owie Abutu, Eben Mosugu, Mchivir (Chibaby), Olive, Solomon, and I'm quite tickled about them blazing the flames of our incense.
It's been a crazy but fulfilling journey... YES YES YES!


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