The Royal Wedding...

I put up a post here talking about fairy-tale romance stories and how drawn I am to them, especially when the story line shows people looking beyond class to find true love. 

I love Prince Harry.  I remember saying Harry would be the one to marry a black woman, after being in a royal haze for days after Prince William's wedding. Of course I said that with me in mind, not Megan... but oh well.
There was a lot of frenzy about the royal wedding, but it just struck me that indeed this is a picture of the post i referred to earlier( Read Here). This is what fairy-tales are made of. 

Megan isn't your conventional choice for a princess bride. If the world or the monarch were to go by qualification, she'd be disqualified for falling short in many areas. From being a 'commoner', to being a divorcee, to being biracial, to being an actress etc and even if she scaled through this qualifications, then there's the gross condemnation from her half siblings. The vile thrown at her, and the low class drama, now that's enough reason to shun her... But the love of Harry, overruled all that, he let he weight of His love crush out every obstacle to his love. 
Her Father didn't walk her down the aisle... Prince Charles, the father of the groom did.

Just like we're not qualified to be called the bride of Christ! But His love has overruled all obstacles. His love has qualified us and by His grace we are the righteous ones, deserving of the throne, not even the voice of condemnation from mistakes of our past can stop the love of God from lifting us and giving us an advantage in life.
And we don't even have to look for ways to qualify for this walk down the aisle, God Himself stepped down, came into the earth He created and died for us, so that we can come into the throne room with boldness... He walked us down the aisle. We're covered on all sides. There's no shame here... Perfect love.

The love of God is so real and so true, it's qualified us to be called royalty. His precious bride.

Did you watch that sermon delivered by Bishop Michael Curry? He went in with the truth in all it's simplicity... LOVE! He boldly and unashamedly shared the gospel to millions around the world, oblivious to the reaction of anyone. 

(Have the flu, this is an abridged version of what i wanted to write)


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