Go To Hell... Literally!

Apparently I’m going to hell.

Because the road to heaven is very narrow…. Only very few can make it.
I have a zeal for the things of God, which is commendable, but I can’t make it.
It's just not enough.
The earrings and jewelry I wear are a stumbling block.
The ripped pair of jeans I have on is a sure sign. I wear trousers too.
And even though my nails had no extension in that moment, they were painted red… and how couldn’t I have known that this nail polishes we buy are manufactured from the sea. A tool of deceit to make my walk with God hard.
It’s the devils claws.
Didn’t I hear the confession of the girls who went to hell and saw this revelation?
He gave me the books to read.
I didn't.

Oh, if only I understood, then I would do better. It’s not enough that I love God, and I want to serve him…
Only few people would make it.
God will give me the gifts to heal in His name and do good... but in the end, He'd cast me out.
Narrow, narrow path it is.
It was not enough that in that moment, I had no weave fixed… I had a form of righteousness that just wasn’t enough.

Oh the hell.

I had words to say, but where would I begin with the arguments?
And so I sat as he condemned me.
He brought out scriptures to buttress his points.
I sat, and instead smiled… I was just from a midweek service when he called to see me since he was in town for a day.
In that service, I had been reaffirmed of my righteousness in God… my righteousness in Christ, not my filthy righteousness of self.
The disparity between what was in my heart and what he said was truly heaven and hell.
I put my phone on record… what else could I do.

Uncle B… He talked and talked while he looked at me with undeniable lust… one he can’t conform to, because he is one of the few on the narrow path.
He pities those of us who see Joyce Meyer as role models, actually, exact words as he put it "I laugh when i hear people call her their idol"… we will be shocked in the end.
It's so dangerous to be living in sin and you don't know... like following mama Joyce and her ways. 

I truly agree with him… we will be shocked when we get home. We’d see the ones we disqualified rolling down the streets of gold in heaven. 
This is the gospel many adhere to.
This is the bondage many are tied to.

A God who punishes with sickness to teach a lesson. 
A God who is schizophrenic... changing His mind every second about us. (He'd most probably go crazy, you know humans)
He made up His mind to love us and save us when He gave us Christ.

But how could God be so wicked? That he would die for me, knowing I can't fulfill the law, and even with the sacrifice of the cross, still put a tight noose around my neck that is impossible to fulfill?
That he will send me to hell where I’d be dancing in agitation every second because as much as I love Him and people, and accept him and saved souls… I wore earrings, I painted my nails, I fixed the devils hair, I wore red lipstick.

Oh heaven, how hard it is to get to you.
Oh God, how distorted the world’s view of you is.
Where is His love in all these? Where is His mercy? Where is the sacrifice in this?
God have mercy!


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