A Love Story...

I have known and believed the love of God for me. ⁣
Until we lay hold of this love, grasp it in our hearts for ourselves, personalize it like you’re the ‘only girl in the world’... battled with the reality of this truth and then come alive with how real, how this impossibility is possible... then we have not started living yet. ⁣

I started living when I caught the truth of this love.... so delicate, yet so rugged.... it goes to the uttermost to find us and deliver us. Carefully planned in its delivery, yet seen to be so reckless.⁣

This song, sets my heart on fire, as it reminds me of this love... and some of the things this love daily shouts at me in a tiny whisper. ⁣

I’m so in love with you... that’s what God says to me... and every moment of my life, is a testimony of true love.⁣ Thats what the video represents, moments of my life... sprinkled with the love of God.

I can't even begin to speak about how much I love God, because as much as I do, it doesn't measure with His love. His love is the fuel that sets my heart of fire to want to know Him more, and love Him even more. 

God loves me, and everything is alright. EVERYTHING!⁣

This love hasn't written you off... it's got you, arms wide open, waiting for you to come home.
He loves you too. See His love and LIVE! 


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