Seven Steps to 35...

It’s 7 days to 35.
Many would look at me and say I have achieved so much, and many would look at me and say I have done nothing. Who am I paying attention to?
I know I have achieved a lot… and I know there’s so much more to reach for. My steps are guided and my path is shining unto perfection. 
That’s a thing to be glad about… to rejoice over. That with God, it only gets better, because it’s a progressive walk into the fullness of all we’ve been called to live.

I want the days of vacations… airplanes, nice hotels and BREAKFAST! Ahhhh… buffers make me happy, especially the breakfast buffet. I want that. I probably would have desired a trip for this birthday, probably Dubai, and then waited patiently for my expectation to not be cut short. I hope 35 is filled with beautiful trips… vacation, ministry and work. Beautiful trips with great companions.
It’s always so nice going to a foreign space and feeling God the same. Seeing the beauty of creation displayed around me… He is where ever I go and life is beautiful.

Todays verse is from Ephesians 6:15  For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.

For shoes… I’m putting on God’s peace… that’s what’s leading me on pleasant paths, to greater, to better, to endless glory and endless opportunity, to spreading this gospel. My righteousness consciousness has equipped me, and made the shoes of God’s peace fit just right. 

Lets declare together… “My feet are ready, and I am boldly taking the gospel of peace to the ends of the earth.”


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