Eleven Steps to 35...

It’s eleven days to 35.
I’ve never really spoiled myself on my birthday. I’ve been shopping a lot this season… well more than I usually would, so I tell myself it’s my birthday gift to self.
We need to remember ourselves even as much as we give of ourselves. 
It’s ok to need help, it’s ok to desire to be pampered, it’s ok… absolutely ok to want more, and to want the best. Now this is different from being greedy… there’s a more you seek, that is absolutely legit, and so far from greed. You would know.

Did I already mention how expectant I am for 35? I only recently became expectant, but it is real, and it is true. There’s so much beauty lurking all over this age… I can smell it. I am not discouraged by how the year has gone so far, I am full of hope, I am full of life and expectations… there’s so much more goodness, and I qualify for it, because God loves me… He loves you too, so start seeing the good all around you, even in the heat of moment. 

The peace scripture for today is…

“You will keep in perfect peace, those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.”
Isaiah 26:3 

FOCUS… What we focus the lens of our heart on, determines the picture we get. I have learned to see God's love, that’s what the lens on my heart is focused on, and what beautiful pictures this love produces for me… I am thankful for this. 

So say this “I am resting in God’s perfect peace, because my mind is constantly renewed with the truth that God loves me, and because I know he loves me, I can trust him and my peace is secure. Amen.”


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