can heaven really wait????

i used the theme can heaven really wait? from michaels song 'heaven can wait" well, he was wrong.
i wasnt going to do another Michael post....cos really i was getting quite peeved with it all. dont get me wrong, i love michael. i even did a michael post some months ago. all i can say is that Michael does live on, in his music, and videos(whioch i pride myself of owning about 85% of). my 4yr old niece loved him, and i'm sure my daughter and my son unborn would fall in love with his music too. cos it really is timeless and a breaker of boundaries of age, taste and style or whatever.

(how cute he was)
the following piece was written by Nigerias r&b sensation Obiwon(y'all should watch out for this one), its an inspiring post, thought provoking. and even though its about Michael, he uses Michaels death to point out Gods glory.

enjoy, cos i certainly did......

Daddy thank You for Your creation Michael.

Thanks for such a wonderful gift, such music, such an amazing voice, such dance steps, wow, looked almost gravity defying.

You knew Michael before he was born
You gave him so much of this musical gift and for a purpose.
Whether he used this gift for Your original intended purpose is now between You and him. Nevertheless he was such a beautiful gift, a beautiful gift for us to witness in our lifetime!
Who can deny the ethereal nature of his talent? and for this we thank You, and now within Michael's short 50-year stay,

You even use his life and death to teach us so much about You, life, living, all the gifts you've given us and the things that should matter.

I personally thank You for You used Michael's gift to help me discover what You've given me.
All the times I almost destroyed the cassette deck buttons trying to learn the lyrics, the havoc on the video machine to learn the dance steps, the drum beatings on the school desk by my school mates cheering me on as I did Michael's latest moves,the voice screechings trying to hit his notes,
You used his gift and others' gifts as well to help me realise I could do this.
Michael was such a huge influence on me and You knew and You allowed it all for a purpose, ultimately to use it for Your work and glory.
Daddy the way you have everything all figured out, ordered, you are awesome, thank You! Thanks for the times when Michael seemed to be searching for You,
deploying what You gave him to try and uplift humanity.
Such times when he threw questions at the Man in the Mirror ,when he asked that we Heal The World, when he asked many Will You Be There? and then did an Earth Song for this our guest house, your beautifully created world.

He had his flaws, just like all of us...and now Daddy looking at it all we realise (yet again) that all that matters is knowing You, living for You, serving You. that the things we usually fight for, hate and envy each other for, worry and get into all sorts of vices for are so worthless, building treasures in a very temporary place, instead of a place of permanence.

That the most priceless items of love, joy, peace are so freely given and can never be bought with money or even acquired through "good works", especially as You in Your ultimate Love sacrificed to give us these true treasures?

So most importantly Daddy, thank you for the greatest gift of all! Your Son, The Prince of Peace! Through Him you've freely given us all we crave for, all we ever wanted, just for us to accept, believe and live for Him (John 3:16). Why is it so hard for us to see this?

Why do we allow ourselves to be deceived...over and over again? How long before we learn that the majority doesn't matter, and that one with You is majority? Why are we so afraid of common death that has since been defeated? Your Word asks us that we in all things give thanks (Eph 5:20). Therefore right now at this moment we thank you, we thank you for your gifts, treasures and the greatest Gift of all.

Sincerely yours.


  1. i really enjoyed love this...short and sweet..thanks for sharing..
    ..always knew there was something bout obiwon..

  2. 85% of his songs... WOW... Thumbs up for you then! Truly all that matters in the long run is living for God... You nailed it..

  3. Really good. Your blog is inspiring


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