24 is the number....

Its my 24th year today.

Gods blessed me in more ways than i can ever imagine. So even as much as i count off things i haven't done yet,the things i've achieved and my blessings overwhelms it all. I discovered this fact as i sat crying with appreciation on the cold tiles of my bathroom floor a few weeks ago.

Thus i can say i'm happy and truly mean it. I've never felt so free and my hearts never felt lighter. I've never felt closer to God and i've never smiled so much. I've never felt so content even in the midst of my wants. The bible says "if God be for us, who can be against us?" God is for me, thus i've gotten rid of fear, i'm taking steps of faith towards my goals(i'll post about those soon)...its scary, but hey, fear is out of my vehicle and probably taking a hitch hike back to hell:)

So today? I'm Lighting a candle,playing my favorite songs(my play list gets more ol' school by the day),saying a prayer, and spending most of the day with my friend Koko at the spa(barazahi, i'm kind of addicted to that place, beats the rest of the spas in lagos and some)we'll get spoilt and pampered together, cos we deserve it. I'll meditate on my own accomplishments,my gifts and my blessings,my positivity and my inner strenghts and beauty.

We run away from pointing out our pecks and patting ourselves on the back cos we always feel its better to criticize ourselves, we're scared of giving ourselves credit when no one does, cos they might snort at us.

We try to avoid looking in the mirror and giving ourselves a thumbs up when people are watching cos we feel its being self centered and vain and arrogant, well i've realized thats not being vain or arrogant or self centered. Thats loving yourself and acknowledging Gods blessings in your life. So i'll be doing all that.

This is going to be a good year for me. A perfect one. I know, and i can feel it.

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  1. Hmm.. congrats.... Yes o.. If God be for you who dem be?

    So where's the party at then?

  2. mighty hapi with you..hapi birthday o....God bless you plenty..
    i feel your positivity...

  3. happy birthday sweets...e don tey o...

    Have fun!

  4. hapy birthday once again..... sure u had a blast....xx

  5. Happy birthday love!
    and send my cake o!!

  6. Happy birthday in arrears...definitely God is good!
    Have a fab year!

  7. Just a day after mine. July babe. Happy birthday, albeit a belated one...I bet you had a wonderful day. God bless.

  8. Hope u had a super fantastic day!!!

  9. yayyyy, anoda July Baby:-)
    Happy birthday hon' May God grant ur heart desires (amen

  10. Happy Birthday. I love the positive and appreciative words of your post. God bless you and I wish you many more fulfilling years ahead...


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