wifey or mummy.....daddy or hubby?

Was listening to wazobia fm at work(thats some mad station)
Matse(or how do you spell her name) asked this question, if you were in a situation where you could save only one person who would it be, for the ladies you have to choose between your husband and your father and the men, between your momma and wifey, you can read that question in pidgin english, cos thats what they use.
(First of all as long as its in niaja and you're a "big" man, you could bribe your way out:)

On a serious note though, the callers were interesting. Most men picked their mothers(who wouldn't) but it was so pathetic, their reasoning. such egoistic fellas " i can always marry another wife"....what?
The ladies stuck with their husbands(i'm sure if it was between a mother and husband the ladies would stick with mothers)But the point is women have it bad. they dont have the choice of 'i can always marry another husband' no matter how FINE she is.
as a woman, finding a husband is such a toughy, so whats the chance of getting another one if you give him up, from the 'tufiakwa's" from the mans family and all the other silly traditional african factors. well it just doesnt always work out good for us.....so sad. Men dont even need to think twice about this.

Not all widowers are wife material in our society, well except you're stella damasus who my colleague pointed out to be one lucky lady, women are looking for one hubby and shes been blessed with two beautiful men....only her:)
(i mean after losing her husband, shes bounced back with another beautiful boy)

I was one of those who said i'd choose my hubby cos 'well daddy is old' and he 'wouldnt keep me warm at night"
But even as i gave and looked for reasons to be all about choosing the hubby, i knew in the end i'd choose daddy.
Maybe, i'm using the frame of mind that says 'assuming i get a chance with daddy again, would i let him go?' so maybe cos i havent had him for so long, i feel this way.

so who would you choose? between mummy and wifey, or husband and daddy?


  1. in danger of taking over valuable comment space let me wax philosophical a little,

    The question of wifey or mummy depends on what role you see for your wifey.

    If you see your wifey as your partner for life, then u choose your wifey because it is better for you, unless of course u are very unselfish and then ur mother's life is more valuable than ur well being.

    if u see ur wifey as the mother of ur children, then u choose ur mother, after all u can get another BMM (baby making machine)

    So to actually answer the question u asked, wifey all the way. But who knows I may become more selfless in the future

  2. If i have an excellent relationship with my husband, i will chose him if my daddy is really old. If not, i chose my daddy.

  3. By the way, I love WAZOBIA. It is a station for the real people by the real people.

    On your question, however interesting it may be, truthfully, no one can or ever will be truthful in response, because when the crunch beckons, anything goes...

    So you will have to indulge me, I will pass on this one.

    Nice post and God bless.

  4. lol @ dady is old and he wont keep me warm at night!

  5. I would choose daddy...If I cant get me another husband then loose life here I come :)

    Infact might not be such a bad idea to ditch the husband and have some fun...

  6. typical afro response. but i dont know who i will pick. hopefully i will neva find me in such a situation

  7. me will be pick my husband. and you shall leave your father and mother and become one with your wife/husband.

  8. me will be pick my husband. and you shall leave your father and mother and become one with your wife/husband.

  9. Considering the fact that my Dad is eager to marry me off, I am sure he will make the decision for me and gladly give himself up :( but :)

  10. lol, I don't know that this is a fair question to ask unmarried folks, but sha I'll pick popsi, the man has let me down less than five times in my life but I know a husband will let you down more.

  11. Husband. I didn't have a choice in who my father is, but i chose to be with this dude & he's not getting off that easy :) On a more serious note, he makes me feel like I am the center of his world and that I am love unconditionally and I always will be, my dad hasn't made me feel like that in a long ass time.

  12. Tough ass question.
    I plead the 5th.

  13. Just did a random sampling with some of my colleagues and the response is markedly different from the radio station.
    Most of the young fathers here would keep their wives without thinking twice.

  14. No choice here. My wife (tho not married sha, still single seriously searching)Love my mum to pieces but the wife win am, one hand!

  15. lol @tobenna: your peeps have got to be the enlightened few.

  16. Would be wise getting ur spellings right...her name is MATSE not mashe...more researches before any posts pls,it makes you more of a Pro.


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