Sunday sunday tonic

Hey peeps, do you all remember Frank Olise on newsline? I loved him and his opening line "....welcome to your sunday sunday tonic"
I worship with the redeemed church "city of David" although i was born a catholic and i think i am still a catholic. Its all about God afterall.
Todays service was about perfecting our praise. And how God loves to hear his people praise him. I kept trying to picture God seating on the throne and how good he'd feel hearing us praise him. A picture that came to my mind was how the lagos area boys hail people and i imagined them jumping up and down shuffling their feet screaming "area" "baba o" "ahhhh up you" and whatever words they use. God would love that.
The two couples called out today had beautiful stories to share, about Gods grace and upliftment.
John fashanu the footballer/entertainer talked about how broke he got at a point in his life,after some court battle in uk. His millions of pounds saving went to zit. so broke it was unbelieveable...not the "cant afford gucci" broke but the "whats my next meal" broke, that was when he met his wife, (my sister and i tried joking that hes too cute to not love him even without money) he tried to hide his brokeness from her but she knew. He was so broke she'd discretly leave money in his pigeon hole whenever she was in his car, so he could eat with dignity.....todays a different story for them. Hes bounced back up, recovered everything, hes moved back home and they live happily ever after.
The second couple was an ambassador and his wife. Said he was once a danfo driver, so poor he'd go to oshodi at midnight to buy the spoilt meat, the reject...because he just had to have meat and thats all he could afford. Today look where he is. So rich and successful. With a beautiful wife that has stayed with him through it all.
This just shows how faithfull God is, how hes able to turn around our situations from worse to best. Hes the fountain of hope and life, the living water that retores and blesses.
And i think the message today fits in here. It says we should praise God in all situations. Our praises and complete trust in him removes us from our hell into paradise. Our praises moves God to show himself.
I've never been through poverty enough to make me shiver in pain and fear, yes maybe sometimes i say i'm broke, but thats for trival things like not being able to buy a new pair of shoes or eat out at some over prized resturant. I always have food on my table....i'm thankful to God for that. My situation isnt as bad as theirs might have been but i've been through trials, depression and lows. But hes always seen me through.
I'm going through some trials at this point in life. In my last post i said i was starting afresh. I know it wouldnt be as easy, loads of people are discouraging me, making me shake in my faith, planting seeds of fear in my head, but I'll keep praising and believing God in my uncertainty for my own lifting up, for love that would stand steadfast through the ages to come, for success, for peace for grace.
Gos is ever faithful and his steadfastness and mercies never comes to an end.
God bless you all and have a nice week.
I've gotten two job offers already. Thrilling but not what i'm interested in. ThankGod. this just goes to show that despite my fears, things are going to work out good.
I havent been able to let go of the one who i think i might love. Its harder than i thought. But i'm working on it.

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  1. God will perfect that which concerns his own people. Those testimonies were wonderful.

    PS: I see u spotlighted Obiwon on your page; i'm posting an interview i had with him this week.

  2. oh goody, u interviewed him? when and for what?
    i'm one of his managers:)
    lemme know when u put it up.

  3. The lord is your strength. Just go with your plans. May God see you through.

  4. God is a faithful God..i have come to know...and praising him no matta the only for our own good ath the end of the day....

  5. Leaving someone u really love 'no be beans' at all. It takes a lot of strongwill.

    Missed u babe.

  6. i lyk hearin stories lyk that, evn tho i shld admit i'm nt exactly a God person.
    btw, wat is al these abt Obiwon, i totally luv dt boy


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