okay, so i raved about the jumpsuit i ordered at le petit marche some months ago:) and really it was worth raving about.
here's a peek at my outfit from obsidian.....Obsidian is an independent fashion line for the discerning lady with a flair for the bold and unusual but with her own individual style. Sexy without being trashy, fun and spunky, an Obsidian girl sets herself apart and is the epitome of all that is chic and elegant. A bold use of colour and attention to detail in all the garments ensures that when you wear Obsidian you STAND OUT. ...okay yeah, i sort of copied and pasted the line:)
but seriously, i think i STOOD OUT with this outfit. i loveeeeeee it. i used to cafe royale for lunch with my friend and gosh........

i've three more outfits coming from her, i really cant wait. check out this interview with miss isoken on bella naija . you can also find her every market day at le petit marche...
those of you in lagos, you still need to check out le petit marche every last sunday of the month, i think it gets better each month, with more retailers and all...kudos to the organizers. click on the picture in the sidebar and join the group on facebook to get all the info. i think its a new venue everymonth, last month was le saison, the cafe owned by tosan jemide, this month was at gourment plaza in v/i. who knows where next months would be:)

i love fergie's outfit. ankara prints have really come a long way yeah? i think solanfe spoted something similar as well. my tailor would definately be seeing this picture and making something better:)
i'm counting down to my last day at work. funny how sad i think i feel. if only i could tour the world,curb the looming sense of boredom. use this as an opportunity to grab a backpack and sail away (err, since its a backpack i should be saying hitchhike) but i'd rather do the 'grab a suitecase and fly away" it'd be more fun if it was a private jet. unfortunately they keep telling me aliko dangote isnt my uncle, even my dreams have refused to make him a relative in its story line *hiss*. with or without his money, i'll find a way of being a sailor sailor on the sea and sail away.(okay so i've talked about hitchhiking, flying and sailing, i cant even make up my mind about something so simple)
just finished reading chimamanda adichie's latest release 'the thing around your neck' a collection of short stories. i couldnt make the book reading at the galleria....*sob*
shes obviously a captivating story teller, and a really good one at that. shes so blessed.
grab a copy and enjoy. why hang out in some bar, spend money drinking only to get drunk and end up with a hefty headache, when you can lie in, play some music, sip on wine and read to get that thing off your neck:)
(not funny i know, makes no sense. the point is you really should read it, or buy it as a gift for someone. they sure will appreciate it.
about the crisis in the north, how sick is it? God save niaja. i'm glad i've never gone through the horror of it all. i've been in kano, zaria and kaduna,stayed there for days. my sisters schooled in A.B.U zaria and through all the crisis, they were never caught up in it. i've been in bauchi, i've been in yobe....towns where the crisis are rampant, but they were just quiet and boring towns to me,i sulked about being holed up in the hotel rooms, i sulked about lack of nice resturants.....i never saw the towns as anything like they are with fanatics roaming the streets, destroying lifes and properties. with burnt corspe loitering the streets. I'm thankful to God that i've never had to experience the fear and uncertainty of an unrest. we all have a lot of things to be thankful for even as we pray for peace to be restored.
thats all folks...well thats not really all, something needs to be done about it all.
have a blessed week.


  1. so that's the dress!
    Now I want mine asap!
    Its so cute
    And I'm so jealous....
    So so jealous, I can't even type anything again! :)

  2. Adichie's rili gud. the readin was nice too. nd i totally feel u on d readin a gud buk instead of hopping clubs nd bars.
    i lyk the outfits. tres chic.
    one can only kip hopn things in this country'll start getn beta rel soon, coz i've stopd tryn to understand d needless fyts nd crisis breakin out evriwir. ts so sad.

  3. Not bad..... Make that really cool...

    On the crisis, honestly, I think one generation is lost -- the best we can do is try to catch the younger ones before their minds get warped into the same mindset...

  4. so fine gal y u dey cover ya face????? :-)
    @crisis; me sef i tire
    njoy ur weekend

  5. wow, i didnt know you were that in shape

    im still waiting to see you in a dashiki lol

  6. You look fabulous in that dress dear...

    Just stopping by to say hiiiiiiiiiii!! lol

    Later luv!

  7. Lovely outfit!
    Wow, Fergie in Ankara! I'm sooo happy African stuff r going places.
    I missed the book reading too, had to go with my wondaful sis to d airport, it was worth it tho.Chimamanda is THE writer, she's really good.
    About the north,God save us. Im grateful Im in Lagos o.
    P.S: Sorry for d long post. Love ur blog.


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