perfect exterminator

i read solomonsydelle's post on the almighty mice/rat whatever
it cracked me up good.

took me back to this post in one of my poetry books....the perfect solution to your rat problems. you should try it, maybe it'd work lol', but seriously what perfect non expensive exterminator we could have, its all about being tactful... enjoy the 'poem'

Rat O Rat

never in my life have i seen
as handsome a rat as you
thankyou for noticing my potatoes(in sld case indomie)

o rat, i am not rich,
i left you a note concerning my potatoes
but i see that i placed it too high
and you could not read it

o rat, my wife and i are cursed
with the possession of a large and hungry dog;
it worries us that he might learn your name-
which is forever on our lips

o rat, consider my neighbour:
he has eight children(all of them older
and more intelligent than mine)
and if you lived in his house. rat

ten good christians
(if we include his wife)
would sing your praises nightly,
whereas in my house there are only five.

by: christopher logue

had a crazy weekend. club hopping night crawling was given a new meaning in my life...never again is all i can say.

its afrobabes birthday today...may the nice fairy sprinkle goodness on her naughtily sweet self and dust all the crazy off her(well hope not, we love her the way she is yeah?).

its april fools day, i vowed not to be fooled today or fool anyone and so far even the most convincing foolings have been bluffed by me(after last year i aint getting caught...hell no!)...yippee...hopefully i wouldnt be suprised at the end of the day.
have a nice week y'all!


  1. First...firssssssssssssssssssssssttt..would have written a longer first but got to be sure I am really first...

  2. O no she didn't! FQ? Plz plz tell me u didn't just make me sit down here infront of ma pc n read a poem 4 a rat.....FQ a rat? A rat? Wonders shall never end. I feel u sha, I was so bored on christmas day d@ I wrote a song 4 ma chicken while diary of a g wrote a rhyme 4 his turkey *sighs*
    Speakin of ma chicken n diary of a g's turkey, we shud make a song.....I'm serious, I really am not blabbing.
    Ill bring ma chicken lyrics n u bring ur rat poem(I know its not originally urs sha) n we can feat about that?

  3. I was spose 2 b 1st! Damn I shud hav taken ma spot 1st.

  4. lol...nice poem...may Mr rat never catch u....

    Thx love...thank u thank ya loads...pls go over to jaybabes blog to view my birthday errrrmmm flowers...

  5. hahahhahahahahahah...damm that was close

  6. wetin person no go see for this life. well if Mark Walhberg could deicate a book to his penis i guess there is no harm in dedicating a poem to a rat.

    God save that rat if the thing come my house as a matter of fact no rats or rat whatsoever in my house the thing be say rats for my side dey fear face well

    how are you doing dear

  7. That rat poem was too funny/cute. Reminds me of that Ratataouie movie, yeah, I know I didn't spell it right. LOL. I liked the movie, but when that herd of rats ran wild in the kitchen it gave me the heebie geebies. *Shuddering* My boys liked it, though. Boys are so gross.

    In regards to your previous post, I like your style. In the infamous words of a late Houston rapper "All that capping and bragging make them want your man) True words. LOL

  8. Happy april fools day dear.
    Liked the poem but how does that kill dat annoying little rat in my bedroom?

  9. this would be so funny. Except my flat mate just told me there is a rat under our fridge. Im not kidding...

  10. i 4give u cos u posted this rat poem on a fool's day. nobody fooled me too.

  11. lol @ DL

    when I arrived at work they told me my boss wanted to see me...I was the 5th fool to go into his office and laffed at on my return out...Its all good tho

    u already u I heart you too

    how bout that idea by DL?
    btw...its true I do have a turkey song written

    how's the rat doing now? lol

  12. lol @ Queen of my castle...that movie grossed me out as well..kept imaginging rats in the kitchen...touching food...

  13. Ahh rats.
    Reminds me off one of my posts..

    Wait a sec..
    Isnt the picture beside my name that of a furry blue sweet rodent.

    I'm a rat?

    This sucks!

  14. P.s
    I hate to break it to you but the first of April really isnt April fool's day,
    By believing it is..

    You've been had!

    See you again next year.

  15. afrobabe...may he never catch me amen!

    DL...chicken turkey
    num 1 on the bill board is a song written by FQ, DL and G. we dont know how they did it, but the beat rocks, lets make some noise as we have the trio live on trl...okay maybe i'm going far.

    DoG...dawg, we gots to hit the studio soon, i'll do something original. we would rock mtv good.

    so u were easily fooled...tsk tsk tsk!

  16. harm done at all, rats are creatures to be
    and of course a rat would be scared of the face that eats

    i'm doing good.

    QMC...uhhh the movie, crazy cute movie although gave me the creeps

    those words are right on he was so so right. need for alarm just read the poem to the rat. or better still sing the words as sweet as possible to it, you could direct it to that evil neighbours

    uzezi...ahhh, babe, this aint a fool handy post. this is straigh from my heart lol

    carlang...i kept seeing your profile pic when i was puting this post up, and as whenever i hear carlang, its that dear blue rat i see....

    bright'll hear a lot of lovely poems read to you.

    nah, you didnt get me. i know rodents tend to be smarter, but i cant be fooled by

  17. Lol. at the rat... How are u babes..

  18. LOL....>!!! omg!!! girl u too funny

  19. LOL....>!!! omg!!! girl u too funny

  20. Rightt..
    So i'm a rat.

    Wouldnt you just like me to run over your lithe frame , nibbling gently on your fingernails and ear lobes..
    My fur brushing gently against your skin...

  21. Wetin we no go c 4 this world, a poem 2 a rat. It made me laugh tho.

  22. HAHAHAHA! My sista, okay, thank you for the suggestion. I will pass this post on to Husband who is challenged with the task of Operation Mouse Eradication. lol!

    I can't believe I missed Afrobabe's bday...

  23. funny!
    how 's ur furry friend? lol

  24. Girl, come on! Has it gotten to that point? Where perfectly sane and intelligent young people resort to talking about rats, chicken and turkey? *shaking head with a perplexed look on face* lol. Pay me no mind... Poem's funny though...

    How you dey?

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  26. lol. rat o rat. What da hell. first time here. interesting post. lol!


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