fresh air...

a breath of fresh air is...

*having a conversation with someone new and knowing my smile is genuine all through and even minutes after.

*knowing no matter how much i digress, my family is standing in the same spot where i left and waiting patiently for me, with more love than i left behind.

*the kisses of my nieces, their giggles and young minds working at conversations, their 'i love yous' and hugs and questions of 'why do you love me so much?'

*lying in the arms of mom, as she strokes my fevered head and comforts my troubled mind

*laughter, pure unadulterated laughter from wherever i can, friends foe.

*pictures that say a thousand words, that moves my heart in the direction of my head, thus producing sense. pictures that captures the moments my hearts eyes have seen and remained opened for. pictures that in one glance sums up what my life used to be about giving me a reason to be thankful for the now that i have. its this picture...

*reading a good book,a book that keeps my toes tingling with excitement.

* that transports the soul to thousands of miles beyond where our body dares.

*spending and knowing i deserve to, no guilt, no surrender...bliss!

*stepping out of the spa, feeling all refreshed and rejuvenated and....

*basking in a little fantasy

*sneaking out and wearing big sis T's stuff when shes been so mean to me, and knowing she'll never know cos she has so much and just wouldn't share even though she doesn't wear...blast!

*finding that one person...the one who translates as the ONE.

*Gods word breathed upon me



  1. me gusta bastante.
    one more;
    fresh air is when a blog inspires your own creative juices.,

  2. Secondddddddddddddddddddddd :-)

  3. Hmmm very refreshing post...smells like spring....

    I have almost turned my pc inside out trying to understand that pic oh....

  4. mayii...gracias tanto.

    afrobabe...spring is definately fresh.

    my bad, i think i put up the wrong link for the pic, maybe you can sneak a peak at it...
    i want you to, especially as it was deddicated to

  5. ok, seen it now....

    hmmm babe...u get story oh...who this??

  6.', there always has to be a story yeah?
    *sigh* unfortunately there aint one, just a charity case...

  7. @afro and FT, what pic are you gusy talking about? I saw a lonly forest and something tells me thats not the right pic so show me o!

    lol@sneaking out and wearing ur big sis T's favorite dress. Thats very naughty you know.

  8. *spending and knowing i deserve to, no guilt, no surrender...bliss!


  9. This was wonderfully refreshing. And so for that reason, this mother of 3 is going on a shopping spree!!! Psyche, just kidding. lol!

  10. "lying in the arms of mom, as she strokes my fevered head and comforts my troubled mind"

    I loved this one cos i had to do that recently and i can't remember the last time i put my head on my mom's laps. It felt good.

  11. I inhale then I exhale ahhwwhhhhh
    this post was a breath of fresh air

    lol I just heard that statement today somewhere else too

    wuts my breath of fresh air? hmmm

  12. Plenty posts have come up since my disappearance. I can see there's fresh air aplenty here too. So wats up with you? Doing great I hope. I'm wondering tho-why do you still feel insecure about your looks? You are pretty, you sound pretty...Come on, you're a belle. Have a fab day!

  13. Inhale...Exhale. That was refreshing...

  14. Fresh air is refreshing like that.

  15. fresh air is parking your car in the dead of the night and doing no. 1 on your tyre, to fresh air

  16. This is fresh thinking of all the refresshing thing...taking a long stroll with my sister ...

  17. i'm confused lol

    but it seems like you are really having a good and loving time expressing yourself so i'll say it as i've said it before




  18. ok..... so wetin de happen????

    anyways, i am feeling your post....

    so you like my boss abi, the hundai tucson jeep????

    nothing do you, i will let him know

  19. lol..Prisca...thats the right goes with the walking alone poem hence the lonely forest...we are all alone...well till we get married then we can bug the hell out of him...

  20. nice one. fantasy queen, im sure this represents ur present state of mind. i happy for u

  21. wow very nice and deep post. so ur mom still strokes ur hair eh? as old as u are? lol sike!
    As 4 d pic.....ummmmmmmmm i dont gerrit, was d persn tryna say ur lonely or sum'n?

  22. pink really awwwwwwy yeah?

    prisca...its the right

    chichi...bliss huh. come to think of it i need that guilt free fresh air now.

    olamild...thanks babe.' such u were just kidding? still feels good no matter how old we get. bless em moms of the world.

    DoG...whats with the frsh air? lets see, less troubles or simply about anticipating of spring.

    your breath of fresh air would be a kiss from me. refreshing i tell ya. lol

    ejura...bask in the freshness madame.
    maybe the insecurity was about liking/loving me for the me inside and not the looks...silly i know.
    how are u, been screaming update on urs since forever.

    naija chikito...glad you felt so.

    la reine..thanks like

    jinta...silly you, maybe u should...i mean i should try that.

    bold and beautiful...thats something to add to, except mine would be taking a stroll with my babies.

    JT...someones giving enthusiastic support, so i'll jion in

    missed u online.

    anu're feeling the post...good thing.

    about your boss..he's your boss? dang, blogsville is smaller than i thought.
    and i just mentioned hes one of the scenery i notice on my way to

    afrobabe...please tell her can she not understand...well i guess its we the lonely ones who have the eyes.

    uzeze...thanks and yes it does...well it did when i was writing.

    DL...yes oh, i'm still her special baby despite my nieces trying to steal my spot.

    na, more of me seeing myself in what the picture represented and like afrobabe said, the poem that follows it hits a mark.

    and yes, i think i'm lonely...would you make me unlonely pleasesss (i'm giving you the puppy dog look you better cave to my plea)

  23. Loved this

    "God's word breathed upon me"

    "Music that transports the soul to thousands of miles beyond where our body dares"

    I need me a breathe of fresh air men.

  24. lol i'd so looooove to make u unlonely....u have no idea! u knw that puppy dog look is a turn on, u dnt wanna get me started!

  25. fresh air is...stating away from blogger for ages and knowing that when I come back the dear old faithfuls will be there for me (I hope!).

    this post actually is a breath of fresh air.

  26. I actually smiled while reading:

    *having a conversation with someone new and knowing my smile is genuine all through and even minutes after.

    This is one of the best feelings in the world.

    I loved this post. What a way to start my weekend.

  27. this was referehing, loved it

  28. lol @ jinta!!...what is wrong with him?...

    ...beautiful post!!!...its spring and i love it!!!....inhaling and exhaling with this your flow!!...

  29. picture was lovely!!!...makes me want to go get lost in the forest...

  30. 30+...hope you get as much as you need from where it matters most.

    DL...awwww...lets get it started in
    good to know i still got some groove in me to bring on the

    ozaveshe..i have no words for you. i'm just about to disown you if i dont get an update sharp sharp...

    where have you been? locked up? well i'm glad you got breath some freshness here. is aint it.
    but it gets so heart aching when the spark begins to die yeah, thats when you roll ur eyes when thier num appears on the

    zena..thanks, with the heat around i just had to get myself some air in here.' jintas got me thinking too.

    i agree the pictures good, although loniless is crappy, sometimes its sanity in its own way.
    while you're getting lost, if you see a girl siting on a branch with a bok, holla. might be

    beautifully written FQ, fresh air is a lot of these things for me too.

    the only time my mum "strokes" my hair now is when she's loosening my braids or weaves(after mucho begging)! what can i say, she's just not


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