things 'r' us

its all overrated...
everything we dream of that seems so wonderful
  • hate
  • money/wealth/fame(well sometimes)
  • sex(i'm thinking this ones supposed to top the list, so you see, don't do sex outside marriage)
  • death
  • the dude from across the room who looks so fine(i.e the guy i saw from across the room at number ten and had a 10hr crush over. that was 10hrs of my life wasted on some shit. he was so rust when we got to talk.Dang!)
  • beauty.(gosh, whats with this one? it should fall 2nd inline after sex,beauty is superficial, shallow)
  • that Gucci purse(*sigh* i'm still trying to convince myself it is,life has never been the same after that purse flashed at me last night) jimmy choos , york designer sample sales,not as fab as they seem
  • beyonce(yes, jeez, somebody wake up. i still love you
  • shopping(well not really, i guess it isnt)
  • friends
  • weddings(after the wow dresses and hundreds of thousands naira cake, the first class honeymoon in every exotic place possible do you really want to move in with that person?)
  • facebook(need i say more?)
  • fear
  • arsenal FC
they're all so overrated. if we could only wake up and realize this, take a moment to look at whats really those things that are underrated
  • family
  • holding your baby(the joy of it all)
  • a hug
  • a listening ear
  • love,a kissing not sex, cuddling and just holding close to you that person that makes you swoon, just one hug can do wonders for the soul
  • marriage
  • giving(somehow theres such a feeling of satisfaction that goes with giving)
  • blogging...(i know what i get from this, maybe not something so strong to make me a wholesome person, but yet something so meaningful that i'm glad i started this and i met loads of wonderful people)
  • forgiveness
  • our inner strength
  • a simple conversation that's done virtually...we never know the effect, the smile it brings thus a kind word to the 3rd party, just because we're happy and fulfilled after having a simple 'hope you're good' conversation or mail.
  • manchester united' LMAO. this team rocks like it or not!
the IPO is coming on good, we're getting good response. meeting with some potential investors this weekend and hope we reach compromising conclusions. we dont want one who chairs boards of several


  1. i agree totally with you.

    Family is the most important and manu of us dont even reckon with it.

    inisightful piece

    but as per Man U...aint sure cos im not a football fan.lollll

  2. I wonder when i'm gonna realize family is very important.!
    I agree with u on d things dat r overrated except, shopping and the dude from across the room who looks so fine(girl how can a fine dude be overrated? nah ah they can neva be.....NEVER!)

  3. DL gald to hear u speaking that way of a male guess u aint dike lol

    did u know there is something called Mental Detox Week where you unplug all electronics and go back to basics? I just heard bout that recently, it supposed to created time to get back to living the real world

    nice post

  4. lol...When I saw sex in the overrated section I said...ok..

    When I saw it again in the important section...again I could only say ok...

    Believe me when I say those fine brothers are usually dead dumb..

  5. I'm totally feeling your overrated stuff especially sex (i mean, its the same process all the time, i think kissing is overrated too, or maybe i just havent found the 'guy' yet), SHOPPING (what's the deal here?I HATE shopping) and designer labels. A bag is a bag. A Gucci bag is a bag. Material thigns are overrated. if anything, they leave you wanting more.
    Weddings aren't so overrated, they're great. Flashy, over-exoensive weddingas are what's overrated. I mean, seriously.

    We are like minds. Booyah.

  6., yes, i hit the streets to sell the idea. mad crazy'

    darkelcee..yeah many of us take that emotional connection and support from family for granted.
    and man utd definately

    DL..omg, i'm with Dog here, werent we supposed to be cool like that? lol
    the guy from across the room...*sigh*when we got to meet and talk i realised that all that glitters aint gold, he killed my spirit. thus the whole overrated stuff.
    shopping kind of feels that way to me now, after the whole euphoria, i tend to just deflat and not even look into the shoping bag.

    and i'm sure soon enough you'll get the whole connection thing with your family. its a freshing feeling i tell ya.

    DoG..just hearing of the mental detox week thingy,
    sounds like many of us do need it, maybe i'm in that mode except i've still got my i wrote the sex bit, i couldnt help wondering what your comment would

    and whats it with those fine dudes being so dumb? they give the dumb blonde slogan a run for their fame.

  7. onydchic...lmao thats alot of venting girl

    i thought of the wedding bit after i looked back at all those wonderous fairytale weddings that was just so WOW but with a marriage so drab. its killing.
    like the babangidas...all the extravagance and still...
    i guess i'd rather have a simple but wonderful marriage and live happy..(okay i know i make no sense but i just had to blab)
    i agree with material things being overrated, that new phone we keep pining for, the gadgets and all...
    i guess thats just human nature.

    Booyah soul'

  8. This remimds me of stuff i read at princesa's.
    Sometimes we dwell more on overrated stuff than what more important like family, friends and God.

  9. i agree sex is married so i know ;)

    good one!..lets overrate wat we currently underrate and vice versa.

    Time with family and friends is VERY important

  10. I think I'll do a list like this one. Made me think hard. We give priority to the wrong things all the time. Not enough quiet time strolling down quiet streets looking at old houses wondering what manner of history has passed through those corridors(I love to do that).
    What IPO were you referring to?

  11. family, forgiveness, love, hugs, friendship etc. u r right girl

  12. Lol,the last two are the best!United rocks!
    Those over-rated things are on point but it will take a lot to convince some people about this two-money and beauty!

  13. aphrodite...thats right girl, its time to percieve the coffee and wake up to the things that matter.', u're not supposed to spoil the suspense of marriage for us...awww.

    now the switching of the over and inder is such a brilliant idea, u're such a bright lassie.
    i'm sure u always came 1st in'

    laspapi..dude,it sounds like fun looking at old houses, does the imaginative mind good trying to put stories together.

    u havent heard of the best ipo since google? you need to go two post back to understand.

    uzezi..yes i am and u're so right for saying i'm right.

    classybabe...hi5, united rocks, now thats what i'm talking about...

  14. life nko FQ? isnt it overrated sumtyms?
    dont mind me, am having a "blue" moment, will be back to give a better comment.

  15. family is truly important...nice piece

  16. how ever would you get the wonderful baby you hold up (underrated)?...maybe just sex-in all its carnal glory is what's your take on lovemaking?...

    ...nice piece:)...

  17. I couldnt agree more with anyone...

  18. Family & giving, totly imprtnt.

    Theres also something about blogging. lol.

  19. was flowin wit u esp on Beyonce but bloogin? it had to make that list rite?

  20. Yes, blogging is underrated. Wish I'd 'discovered' it like 3 years ago.

    All material things are overrated apart from holidays.

    The big wedding is def overrated. Spend so much money on one day only to divorce 3 years later.

  21. nicely put my dear. we seem to place emphasis on the unimportant things.

    but Arsenal Fc being overrated is just simple beef talk from a man u

  22. wish u the best with the luck to people who already chair other

  23. Sex is overrated?
    I'm not sure...

    i Mean...
    Xrated sex is definitely overatred..
    moderated sex is underated
    so maybe
    Moderated xrated sex just might have the right rating!!

    I'm a Chelsea fan so i refuse to agree with your verdict about Man U.
    I will grant you though that they are a lovely team to watch.

    I'm being nice.

    Totally agree with your views on Beyonce..
    She's fat isn't she?

  24. love this post queeny beany

    this is very tubmanesque i might add lol

    don't feel so bad about the gucci though

    cancers are materialistic by nature

    that might be a nice brand but i've sen so afrikan clothes and accessories that are very nice as well

    especially the dashiki outfits for men


  26. one thing i gotta say! aresnal aint overrated!! LOL! rest i agree!! nice post!

  27. beyonce is definitely overrated!!!!! (no mind me, i get major beef 4 dat babe. na bad belle sha)

    family is so under-rated!!!!!! kissing is terrific is it'd wit d person u love. sex is nice, but cuddling is fanstatic

    totally agree with u every step of d way

  28. babes since i no fit upload d video, go to ,then where it says search, type 'lesbians in bed", different videos will come up, click on d 1 where ull see a blonde chick's head in the pussy of a brunette!

  29. And all the people say hear hear.

  30. for ones i dont have an appropriate responds to this post gal, was here yday n didnt know wat to say other than it sound very true well just dont want to leave something like true, wanted to say something diff,

    maybe,,,am having a writers block???
    lol....wondering were they got that word from ...writers block....soundsss maybe unreal...ok am blabbing i know..

    cheers , am out of here now, for real

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. I took you seriously up on to we got to Man Untd being underrated. Im not a football fan like that i must confess but i kinda identify with Chelsea first then Arsenal next. ...and Carlang, even moderated sex is overrated!

  33. what is with these chelsea fans?...chelsea is barely really a team...until maybe recently...chelsea can not and should not be named above arsenal or man u...


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