I got tagged by the sensual queen herself QMC. I think this is sort of like the 5 weird things tag that went on some time back. Not sure, but i’ll do my best, i guess we always have something strange about us popping up. Sorry queen for taking so long to do this.

Here are the rules:
1. Link the person who tagged you…
2. Mention the rules in your blog…
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged

a)I love to walk alone. But i’m alone for a reason. I'm not crazy about the girlfriends thingy, tried it at the university, not sure i love it so much. i do this in such a way that i'm not so alone that i’m a hopeless island. i have my girls i could call up anytime and be so cool with. Sometimes its best to be your own woman, loose the friends, but not so loose that they’re cut off. I know when to go back to get my energy supply when i need it. Just me myself and i.

b)I never read harry potter books or watch the movies anymore. I was a huge fan for the first two parts, then i started having nightmares, not the fun flying on brooms nightmares, the scary scary ones. So its a no no in the house, and my nieces have to suffer for it. No harry potter for them either.

c)I’ve been called a mars bar and oreos cookies before, not because i’m an oreos fan or a chocoholic, but because i'm said to be all hard on the outside and behave aloof to stuff while i’m very soft and full of melting caramel on the inside or all creamy, white.
point is, i dont let myself break down, i put up a tough front because i get scared of being viewed as a weak softy whos hopelessly romantic and hung on love, which i really am? i dont show my feelings, but i'm pretty deep inside.

d)I love to walk barefoot around the house. theres something confining about slippers:) i love to eat with my hands too (i dont do this in public so dont be afraid to take me on a date..lol)

e)I'm a kaleidoscope of characters and emotions.to me its a spectacular thing, a strong point, but not to others, it annoys the hell out of them when they cant figure me out.

d)I'm a calm lady. it gets scary, i hardly get seriously angry, like i can laugh my anger off in no time. but sometimes, the tiniest thing just snaps me up and i get really angry silently. you dont want to know my plans when this props up...i dont want to know them too.
i wish i could have the rage of lots of others, its not as harmful as the inner rage.

thats all folks. i hereby tag DL(my wannabe lover..lol), ejura, unnaked, princesa,my man JT, i know six people, so anyone could be the sixth.


  1. 1sttttttttt

    ur not the first person that has experienced nightmares after watching or reading the harry porter series...weird...

    abaout being oreos no wayrey nau...u can like not to be like that around me o...ehhenn

  2. I am almost first...ok 2nd...but prefer almost first

  3. Hmmm…said a lot without saying much!!!

  4. fantasy queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I miss u Oh... Are my eyes paining me or Afrobabe is 2nd?...

    Ahh, this girl is slacking oh.

  5. i wonder what quirks really mean, i have to go look it up.

    lol@ afrobaby, 1st and almost 1st errwhere. guess u r bored at work honey. me too..lol

  6. you are such an angel queeny

    i know there is no way in the world that anybody could ever have any ill will towards you

    you are so innocent and pure

    like snow on a cold winters day

    cancers are very emotional and feeling people (even the guys)

    the pisces understand you though

    sometimes we are frieghtened of you but we understand you

    thanx for taggin

    i'll do my best

  7. lol me ur wanna be lover? hmmmmmmmm

    u, urslef and u? where do i fit in?
    Actually 4 some reasn i dnt think ur tough at all, maybe cos i read ur blog but i really think ur sooooooo soft n sweet that i just wanna cuddle u.....awwww....k let me go!

  8. interesting...i like to walk barefoot too!!...but i think my mumsie likes it much more than me...i think i'm somewhat of a kaleidoscope of emotions and personalities too:)...never got the whole harry potter craze...


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