all hail the chicken...cluck cluck cluck

two posts in a day...i must really be bored. good news is that i'm done loosening my hair. hard work, as i was too lazy to drive to the salon. i picked up a pair of scissors to cut off half the braids for easy loosening and i think i cut out a portion of my hair...i try consoling self by saying its all FQ's "home styled trimming, want the best hair trim? FQ's the hand you need". bad.

was thinking of the time i went in to get a tattoo, i had an airbrushed tattoo,i was so obsessed with getting the real thing, it was a Chinese symbol of joy on my arms.

i was so determined that Tuesday morning, trembling with excitement that i was going to do something classy, daring and BAD.(blanking out the fact that mum would gasp and my sisters would disapprove)
walked into the tatoo parlor at mega plaza and bajio the Lebanese guy gave me a prep talk on the procedure, it was more expensive than i imagined, but i had enough to cover it, i only had to sacrifice getting the jewelry from the shop next door..

but as i saw him prepare his tool, my 'tough girl' 'i'm bad' wannabe faded so fast you would never have believed it existed.
'i cant do it' i muttered to him, his face fell with disappointment.
'but why?' he screeched in his accent. i just shook my head no.
he pleaded and offered to do it for free...what? i bolted out of the shop as fast i could but not fast enough to avoid him giving me his card and asking me out on a date.
hell no, no wonder he was so disappointed at my change of mind, his one opportunity to touch my boobs for as long as it took him to mar it, and that chance was lost forever.
walked into the jewelry store next door and splurged on stuff.

i decided tattoos weren't meant for me, but piercings were definitely my thing. not the adventurous the traditional second earlobe holes and nose piercings which i could get away with from mom.
i've got only one ear piercing on my lobes. in school my friends would pierce themselves like they were putting on lipstick but i never dared, too scary. if a common lobe piercing scared me, how was i supposed to get my nose pierced? i had no idea but i was a determined chic. i wanted to bring sexy back with a nose piercing and i was going to get it.
i saw a random hausa chic one day with a pierced nose prior to my deed day, i asked if it was a painful experience(what a dumb question i know) her reply did it for me, i laughed my heart out and bowed out from the ordeal when she calmly said 'no, its not painful but tears came out my eyes'...dang! so were the tears for joy? i think not..

there was the time i wanted a gold tooth, oh man that was crazy. long story but i ended up not doing it, or when i went to quincy weight loss to buy a slimming package, i was 19 and i thought i had to get rid of the fat despite people saying it was baby fat and i looked good the way i was...i didnt get the package though thank goodness for that.
i naturally moved from a uk size12 to a 6 and i'm now lurking comfortably at 8/10.
i'm glad to say i'm an all natural girl, no weird tatoos, no odd piercings, no induced weight loss(although i need to take my work outs serious and push myself at yoga cos of my leg)
i make do with a fake tattoo when i really feel like one, best thing about it is i can put it anywhere, on my neck, on my back, my ankle, my boobs, my shoulders, it dont matter.
i can make do with magnetic earrings as a second hole or stick this tiny stud on my nose(i've gotten over the nose thing though), i had a little bling i could stick on my tooth when need be(thats way behind me too)

the crazy decisions we make in moments of insanity, some we dont regret but some we dont want to live with, its always better to think about the long term when considering stuff we want to do to our bodies. the body is our sacred haven, we need to treat it with respect...
i'm glad i was to chicken to go through thoses phases i passed through, cos today they dont matter and i'm so over my personal fad of the years past.
i'm not saying its bad to have a tattoo, just be sure its what you really want, that you'll look in the mirror in ten years and not regret what you did.


  1. yay! I'm first
    will be back to read on or before monday!

  2. i love seeing tattoos on lower backs or lower abdomen on ladies.........

  3. mshteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww whatever joo! i'm not gonna feel bad cos i have a tattoo, ur such a chicken lol!
    i still loooooove ma tattoo till date n i dont regret having it eventho mine means nothing.

  4. My aunt has an unfinished tattoo on her lower back...when I came to the UK that was my first palour, got my first was done with needles..I had always tot it was drawn I decided to pick a design and come back...then saw my aunts flower bush with no colors on the flower...she said they begged her to go back as the coloring didn't hurt but she no gree oh..

    lmao @ that hausa girl...guess they were tears of joy at the lovely piercing..

    I have a second piercing on my ears...I cried hell cos our house help who had a million did it locally for me...she said it wouldn't hurt or hurt and bled...became slippery and difficult to pierce....if I ever pierce anything again it will be professionally...

  5. I wanted to get a nose piercing when i turned 21, the only reason i didn't get it was cos my sister refused to go with me, and i wasn't going by myself. I'm glad i didn't get it though cos that phase has passed and i would have been regretting it right now. I still want to get my upper ear pierced on just one ear.

    As for tattoos, the only reason i would go through that pain is if i'm getting a tattoo in memory of someone.

  6. Hahaha, I am still laughing about the tattoo guy wanting to tat you up for free so he could 'cop a feel' on your boobies. lol!

    I wanted a tattoo a long time ago but the madness was very brief. Extremely brief.

    Have a blessed week!

  7. Darn it!!
    WHy didnt you get the tatoo.

    And on your boob too...

    Be still my heart!!

  8. LMAO @ afrobabe's comment abt her aunt, she no gree go back to complete the

    i am kinda scared of those things.
    nah men no! think of what they'll look like when u get older all shrivelled and

  9. bumight..yayyy your first, meaning i can get that green dress eh? oh wait i'm supposed to be the one doing the prize giving...shoot!

    the last king of scotland...yeah i love seeing that too, theres somthing sexy about it, just turns myt senses i'm not gay!, you dont have to feel bad, tatoos aint bad. you see as long as you dont tire/regret it no quams.
    me i'm a crazy chic, one minute i want this, the next i'm tired of it(like boys)
    like when i decieded to go mountain climbing, ten minutes on the trail i wanted out, but no one would take me back and i wasnt ready to get missing in a foreign land, i knew enough to know in the movies when the do the search party stuff they strecth the whole reality, so i had to follow through to the end of the over five hours scary and narrow trail up, go across an almost dead snake bridge etc...never again. piont is, not everyones got a stable mindset.
    i might think its cool to try sucide and when i'm already dead i'll deciede i'm tired of being dead but then its too late lol'

    so go girl, if i may ask is your tatoo in anyway on your lower back? just checking.' your aunty is a wise woman, they say colouring wouldnt hurt maybe it will, lol' thsy sure told me tatooing wouldnt hurt as they would numb the spot...and i hear it does. so shes definately wise.

    i sont want to think where you're considering piercing i dont, i definately wouldnt think or ask.

    sting...i feel you on the phase thing. sometimes our mindset is on something so bad that we just got to have it and the next minute we're wanting out.

    solomonsydelle...dont mind the guy jo.
    so you're one of us tatoo wanna haves no liver eh?
    have a blessed week too.

    carlang...clown!...maybe i didnt get it anticipating this moment when you'd make a comment like

    soupasexy...ouch, now that aint a sight to behold....the shrivelled and shit bit....nah

  10. wat do i comment the guy wantin to touch ur boobs,the hausa girl's tears,u cuttin ur hair, ur apparent boredom? let me know ok

  11. i will still get the tattoo i want on my lower back....just need to get rid of the pain anxiety but i will i will get it....and i will love it always.......piercings?nahhhhhh

  12. well look on the bright side. after the pain, you have a beautiful scar on your body to gaze at. i've got two and they are glam..

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  14. Id call you a serious pansy, but the thought of consciously inflicting any sort of pain on myself gives me the heebie-jeeebis too... so, here's an empathic hug instead. :)

  15. first time here...and am having fun...
    i feel u about what we do to our bodies...its sacred and personally for me it's the temple of the holy spirit so i have to be careful what i do to/with it.

    Let me go and read can stop by at my blog when u have the chance


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