Holding on....

When you take a stand, it feels great..., especially when you're able to keep still when the fine, the rich, the bloke, the hunk, the barritones come pulling your arms. You shake a little, but you dig your feet deeper into the ground of your conviction.
And it's all good till everyone around you starts giving their opinions aggressively.
Especially those on your bbm contact list who shouldn't even be there in the first place.... ex toasters who claim they've moved on and are happy but still make it a point to say hey and tell you how great their lifes are... if life is that great then i think you'll spend your time enjoying it, rather than taking regular coffee breaks to tell me or who ever how great it is and ask when you're going to make yours great by getting a ring on it... just like they did.

The accusations of being too picky wakes you up from your bliss of taking a stance and you wonder... and you almost start to doubt, have you taken it too far?... What's unequally yoked got to do with it? a little disparity ain't gonna hurt nobody, he's a moslem so what? not like he goes to the mosque, you can change him... he's a party boy, so what? He's kind of extra cool the way he is, and besides, you wouldn't let him take you to the clubs, you'll stay home praying for him to change... and you think maybe your standard is really too high... especially after that friend turns on you and hisses... "go date your bible" at you. Ouch!

Your faith is a little shaky until you pick up the guide book for life and right there in your face you see it "... she is far more precious than jewels and her value is far above rubies or pearls."prov 31:10(Amp) and it hits you... that's you the book is talking about, how dare they put you down for taking yourself to be who you are. Who are you not to have high standards if the book says you're all these and much more... more precious than all the precious jewels man has ever seen. That's reason enough to rise above the opinions of others and stick to what you know/believe even if those around you don't see or think it.

And then you're doing the chicken dance with joy at the reminder of who you are, and you smile, keep your head up like the princess you are, and happily tell the next person pinging your life out, that you love the standard you've set, and you wouldn't lower it for anything, if no ones able to climb up that fence, then maybe no one deserves you, but till then.... you'll keep being wonderfully too hot to handle in your high standard apartment, and be happy while you're at it, because you refuse to compromise.



  1. Thanks for your comment. I will definitely do the chicken dance next time I am happy. You are very inspirational, that is a good skill

  2. Lovely post...

    my first time here and following, you could stop by mine when you are too


  3. Interesting, but the lion pic is even more so... Lol @ economy in the jungle....

  4. Going into a relationship thinking you can change anyone is a mirage cos the it is only a man in diapers that can be changed. I think our values system has been eroded that is why people even suggest lowering of standards. I love the picture of the lion. Good job

  5. "Who are you not to have high standards if the book says you're all these and much more." !!!!!

  6. Whose standards? God's standards!
    Dat's all


  7. This is 2012, i normally come to your blog to read and quietly leave,i came to this post from a 'you might also like'link because i had used the lion pix as my profile pix on Facebook.This post is the exact same reason i had had the pix as my profile pix for the past 6 months,a reminder of my worth and not going below God's standard for me.
    Funny enough,just today i was thinking the exact same things you said in your second paragraph.God led me to this post to reassure me of who i am in Him.
    God's word is relevant no matter the time AND PLACE

    1. *Hugssss* your leaving this comment, brought me back here to read this post again, and helped me encourage myself yet again... thank you :)


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