Wedding bells...

'Tis a season to be jolly.... Some of my favorite boys are getting married this season :). And I'm so excited and really sad that i get to miss out on their big day.
Somehow i always manage to be out of town when my friends are getting married. At this rate i wonder if any close friend will be at my wedding.... maybe i should make friends with already married people so they don't have anything to hold against me when my invite gets to them.

Tomorrow is one of my 'boy's' wedding... well he's more of a Muppet but he's the best muppet ever and i hate it so much that i get to miss out on his big day. A day we've all been looking forward to.
If i had come into my trustfund already, i'd take the next available flight to Nigeria just for the wedding. As it is, my trustfund is still in holding... *sigh*
So i comforted myself by going shopping... Fantasy football makes sense right? So i figured, why not go on a fantasy perfect wedding outfit shopping? I got this lovely red dress and i bought this wonderful shoes from expensive shops i usually shun. I've got two lovely dresses for two wonderful weddings.
I'm going to look perfect, like the proud friend that i am. My sister thought it was a tad ridiculos when i mentioned to her that i got a dress for the wedding.... she said, she's sure i'll look good in it when i dress up tomorrow... sarcastically.
I know i will.... that red dress with the peter pan embelished collar is sizzling...

Oh well, so it's not just about me dressing up. It's about celebrating my friend as he begins a new life.
Here's to Vee. The best muppet ever. God bless he and his lovely bride exceedingly, abundantly above all they've ever hoped for in their marriage.


  1. I don't know the guy but Josephine, the bride, is a friend of mine. We were in the same fellowship in Unilag and attend the same church. I wish the a blissful marriage

  2. ....the beginning of the journey no bound by time.

  3. Wishing them a successful life together, full of laughter and love to overcome adversities.

  4. Awww I feel you on missing out on great friends' weddings...I've missed out on four myself and it totally sucked!:(
    Wishing your friend the best in the new journey.

  5. hope that they will go with love and sincerity for the rest of their life.


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