Mirror Mirror all around...

I love mirrors, it takes a lot to hold me back from checking myself out whenever i walk pass one... and it takes much more to help me act like i really don't care about checking me out.
Mirrors and i have an understanding, they tell me what i want to hear every other day... that's what friends are for right? Mirrors are my 'yes men', my 'wing girls'... Well that was before i met the magnifying mirror. Life has not been the same since. Those things make you deal with things you'd rather not.

I'm not so impressed that hotels install illuminated magnifying mirrors in their bathrooms, makes sure you don't miss any detail. I was staying at the Hilton in Abuja, my sister and i went up for dinner, and i felt 'badddddddd'. I really did feel like some babe, like i was all that and more. Then i got back to the room and there the mirror was, yes i looked good in the regular mirror, but the spoil sport beside it highlighted my flaws. In the 'flawless makeup' my pores were chocked, my eyeliner could have been better... and you get the picture? It certainly didn't look like a face of the hot girl i was forming to be,  more like a hot mess. Those mirrors make me want instant facials even when I'm broke. It's really not easy to hate them. I really don't need some things to be magnified.
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But then i guess it's not all bad when you look in it before stepping out, you immediately begin to clean up and adjust your makeup which is sort of annoying cos it delays you, but then it helps keep you in your 'fine girl' mode.
Let's not forget the dressing room mirrors while we're on the evils of the magnifying haters. Many are afflicted with the dressing room mirror blues... saw someones comment on a forum on her dressing room blues "...I immediately wanted to run out and get lipo and full body plastic surgery! Who was that person in the mirror? Do I really look that way? Argghhhhh!"
In other mirrors we see our best assets, but in the dressing room, we see something else. Are those mirrors for real or do we look to others the way we see ourselves in the dressing room/magnifying mirrors?

Fact is as much as i hate the magnifying mirrors especially the illuminated ones and some of those dressing room mirrors around... i really do need them. The experts would warn to toss the magnifying mirror and let your esthetician be the one holding mirrors over you because if you don't, more often than not you end up going crazy at all the flaws you see and mess your skin up with the tweezers and everything you can use to pinch on it when you try to handle your pores yourself/play spa at home... i sort of agree with that, but whatever it be we still need to look in those mirrors whenever we come across them.

In life, we feel like we're good people, we feel like we're alright, doing the right stuff et co, but we need those magnifying mirrors in our hand bags and in our bathrooms... We need them to search our hearts regularly, because as much as we are all that and more, with noses buried in our religious attitudes, we really aren't as great as we are, this comment just kills it for me as a christian "I immediately wanted to run out and get lipo and full body plastic surgery! Who was that person in the mirror? Do I really look that way?"
We should look in that dressing room/magnifying Mirror that we hate so much, to see all the wrong that is there, all the things that need changing/correction. We should want to rush out and have some nip tucks in our hearts to make our spiritual selves better. To get back in the drawing room, adjust our makeup and loose some flesh in the right places to serve God better.
Paul warns "So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don't fall!"1 Corinthians 10:12(NIV)

The dermatologists advices to toss the magnifying mirror, and let the esthetician do their job when you get to the spa. I'll use that advice in this context... Sometimes when we look in that mirror, we want to use the tweezers et co to pinch and break blackheads that somehow eluded our ex buddy, the regular mirrors. Rather than doing that and messing up our skin, it's best to run to the spa. In this case, call on the holy spirit to give us a facial, let him be our esthetician, to help change us, make us better and keep our spiritual skin glowing. Because we really can't sort our flaws ourselves, no man can change except with his help. We just end up being a hot mess, right back at where we started if we try to be better people on our own accord. Only the spirit can get us to be that person and at that place we ought to be in our walk with God.

Holiness takes a lot, those little things we take for granted end up forming clogged pores in our spiritual life and births blackheads on our beautiful faces, so that as much as we look pretty from afar, we're not that great close up and God is far from pleased with us. Lets try to do a check as often as we can. Our beauty is worth nothing if we don't make efforts to maintain it.


  1. I feel the same way too, I hate magnifying mirrors it made me sick too.


  2. You are so good at using regular everyday stories to link to christian truths. Lovely post as usual.


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