What to wear?

I was going to go shopping today. I needed a blouse and a pair of boots to wear with a skirt to church.
But the day went like it does and the closest i came to being outside was looking out through the kitchen window. I was kind of disappointed, feeling like i had nothing reasonable to wear on Sunday
and so i got to my room to put out anything that would pass. I brought out outfit after outfit and I realized that i actually had a variety of very nice, weather and church appropriate things to select from. I really did not need to go shopping to get a Sunday outfit.

Sometimes we go out looking for answers when what we really need is in us.
Sometimes we don't have to look too far to see what we've always been looking for.
Take your time, look deep within, and you'll find the answers.

***Speaking of wearing our sunday best... Some people actually frown at dressing up to church.  Personally, I never feel comfortable when i wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and i would never wear flip-flops for a Sunday service.
This doesn't mean fashion comes before church, but there's got to be a reason why we have to look decent, and nice and pretty on Sundays if we can afford to... I mean if i am going to meet with my king then i have no choice but to wear the best i have. If my best happens to be that one pair of shoes i wear every sunday, fine. If i can afford to change outfits, then better.
We wear the best to look the best for parties or social gathering with people of worth. We definitely wouldn't be wearing shorts or flip flops on a formal visit to the queen. We would dress in our best suits et co. So why not to church? Afterall we're going to meet with a king too, a greater one at that. Sunday feels like some official royal function and i have to look my best.
It only becomes a problem when all you're doing in seeking attention and trying to bait chics and dudes. Or when the church looks down on people who don't dress as nice as others. Or you stay at home, because you don't have anything new to wear to church, because A and B has seen you twice with the only outfit available to wear.


  1. hmm will try re-consider church outfits coz i`m not much of a dresser. on sundays,its Cargo shorts,A decent tee & Flip Flops or a converse..#GoodtoGo

  2. I actually agree with you that it should be a problem only when it is for all the wrong reasons like snagging a chic or dude. at the end of the day, if you can afford it, go for it, if not, all is still well and good!

  3. I'm all up for dressing up if that's what you want to do. But i dont think there should be a dress code for church. We are no longer under the law. To be honest you are not going to meet your king (per se), your king already lives in you, you are only gathering with like minded people to worship God. I say dress for comfort cos its all about being able to worship God comfortably. If that involves wearing heels then so be it, if that involves jeans and a baggy top then so be it. Its all about the heart and not your outward appearance...


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