When Love covers the hurt.

I was playing with my eight month old niece this morning.
She gets a little rough when it comes to playing sometimes, throwing things around and stuff.
I've receive a couple of slaps and some from her, but today wasn't a good day.
She used the TV remote control to give me a larger than life wack on my mouth. That was more painful than all the scratches and slaps she's thrown at me put together. If it was a cartoon flick, you'd have seen the tiny birds flying over my head.

I screamed at her and was ready to give her a... smack, pinch, bite?... But I haven't mustered the courage to smack the precious one just yet.
Anyways I was mad, but then I looked at her face and she gave me that lovely smile. I kid not, Mimi has got the prettiest smile I've ever seen. She had no idea what she had done.
Just looking at her at that moment took the painful sting away, and I hugged her and rained kisses on her face.

At that moment I realized how Gods grace is something we can never comprehend.
How many times have we drawn from that fountain of grace without even realizing?
Sometimes we hit him so hard by doing things we do and some of the things of we say.
Most times we're so unaware of what we've done, how wrong we are, and so we never tell him how sorry we are. We are not bothered.
But he loves us so much, that his anger/disappointment/piss off is overshadowed by his love when he looks at us,and sees us smile...
Smiling In form of a little prayer of 'thank you Jesus', or a song.... Or simply just smiling.
Thank God for the fountain of grace made available to us.

That's why we sing...
The steadfast love of the lord never ceaseth/ his mercies never come to an end/ They are new every morning/ new every morning/ Great is thy faithfulness O Lord/ Great is thy faithfulness.


  1. I love your perspective. It's refreshing and enlightening.

  2. @Inyamu...

    Smack her! but lovingly though and not in your anger.

    The Lord commands that you do so if you truly love her (Proverbs 13:24). He too disciplines us in a loving manner if we are His true sons and daughters (Hebrews 12:5-11)

    I absolutely get the whole point of the post on His grace and mercy,,,just wanted to point that out. When she's grown she'll remember you for treating her so nicely and yet smacking her and taking no nonsense when she's wrong. Kids know deep down when they've done wrong.

    Don't be auntie too soft! *smiles*

  3. thanks people.

    @anon... thanks for pointing that out. i know where you're coming from and i believe in that too.But in this case, shes not even one yet and she's at an age where she's oblivious to certain things. They start knowing abt punishments and stuff from abt two...

    think of a new believer just coming into the faith and still uncertain about certain things or wrong and right, yes the spirit would help in convicting when a wrong is done, but not just for the newbies, even the old go through that.
    i.e you're in church and someone walks past and some nasty thought of 'why's she even walking that way' crosses your mind, you know just something mundane that we don't even realize what we've done, how we've judged someone else.. i don't know if i make sense with that illustration, but i was trying to show how his grace picks on even the 'smallest' of issues we're unaware of.

  4. @Fantasy Queen ... oh sorry my bad, the way you spoke of her and playing together, didn't realise she wasn't yet one...

    Like I said I'm thoroughly in tune with the Grace message...I look through my life as it was and as it is and I see nothing but Grace.

    Keep it coming...when are we coming for your book launch?


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