I remember when Uggs sheepskin boots became popular, E was all about showing celebrities wearing them... I was at a loss why anyone would want to wear them, they looked so ugly and they cost so much. I just couldn't imagine why anyone would spend so much on something so hideous, be it sheep skin or not.

But then i changed my mind when i knew what was really up with that ugly piece of beauty. Truth is you'll never understand why anyone would own a pair or two of ugly Uggs (especially when you live in a place with tropic climates i.e Nigeria.) until you cautiously put one foot in and then the other on cold cold winter, fall and even spring days. The way it embraces your feet, the softness of its inside and the warmth it sends all over, you almost want to find the sheep used and give it a kiss for it's precious sacrifice for your comfort. And added to that walking in it is just so comfy... bye bye swollen ankles and frozen feet.
A cozy pair of treasure. It's literally the answer... to whatever questions you have on a cold day.(whatever that means)

A male friend of mine still can't understand why ladies wear Uggs, he says they're so ugly and unflattering. Why would we not care about that? I tried to explain, but truth is, you can only feel the beauty of what it does, explaining would do no good. You wear it to be comfortable on care free days and other days in between, it's not about the fashion, it's about it's purpose... Some ladies still wouldn't be caught dead in the 'hideously' Uggs, because anyone with a sense of style wouldn't dare... but what do they know?

Salvation looks ugly to those on the outside. Sometimes you see born again Christians and you wonder how on earth they choose to live the life they do. Why would they give up so much for it? Truth is salvation comes with a price; that's dying to self...  it's expensive to some... it may cost you your popularity, it'll cost you your cool factor in the world's eye, it'll cost you your idea of what your Mr right should be... sometimes it'll cost you your family and your job and your lucrative(not so straight) means of making mad money. Why would anyone give up/spend so much on something that looks so unattractive to those who are clueless?

Why wear those Uggs when you've got a wide variety of beautiful fashionable leather boots? Like with Uggs, you will never know how special salvation is until you get into it. There's no proper way to explain the feeling you get when you cross over to the other side. The way it warms you up, the joy and peace that fills you even with the chaos all around you. It makes you feel cozy and just takes you over in this cold cold world, you'd never want to live without it... you want to wear it with every outfit... its amazing. And then you think of the one who was sacrificed for you to have all that, like the sheep used for your Uggs, and all you want to do is hug him and kiss him with the songs in your heart.

Salvation is comfort, you wear the garment of righteousness to be comfortable and carefree in your everyday life and everything in-between.

It may look ugly to some, without the glitz and glam of the worlds idea of the Cool factor, but the purpose it serves is the most beautiful thing you can ever experience. It can't be described, it can only be felt... you should try it.


  1. beautiful analogy

  2. WoW,this is so cool..i love the way you linked Ugg & Salvation. You make sense. Thanks for sharing..

  3. wow! great analogy.
    Right now, I cant think of a better way to put it

  4. wonderful analogy..didnt look at it that way...thanks for sharing.

  5. i LOVE uggs!!
    and just like everyone has said above me....great analogy...its soooooooo true!!i think thats wut made it and possibly still making it soo hard to completely turn to up those fancy leather high-heel boots is sometimes so hard!!but indeed when u get into them uggs...u are reminded of how worthy and important they are!!

    great post

  6. You really need to hurry up and publish all these great stories/analogies of yours or someone else will beat you to it.

  7. It's as if everybody has written what i want to write but this ---- "Sweet Spirit of GOD please keep her fresh, ontime and relevant with/in her writings". AMEN. I believe in you and your gift.

  8. This is amazing! The connection btw Uggs and Salvation is ubbercool!
    you hit the nail right on the head!
    Love it!

  9. Very inspiring analogy. Well done.
    Nice blog, btw...following

    Mine'z at


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