Children's Day...

It's Children's day today.
Don't you just miss the days of childhood? Days when the only anger and frustration felt on the regular was the sound of an adult's call to come home and shower just as the sun was going down, or the fact that you had to be dragged to bed at 9pm.
Of course growing up frees you from that, no one calls you to come home at sun down, telling you you’ve had enough and it's time for dinner. But then you miss the sound of an adult screaming at you to come inside and take a shower. Oh, how you want that shower, except you’re still at work way after the sun’s kissed the sky goodnight, and all you can munch on is some left over cookie and sip on stale coffee or hot la casera, and wish for a bath and your bed, because you don’t want to stay up late anymore. It felt much better when you played pretend office.
It feels like you’re drowning, no one to stop you as you keep going down down down...

I was going through my photo library and found some pictures a couple of friends and i took at the beach about three years ago...
It was a fun day... a few of us chose to go down memory lane and so we played 'suwe' (Nigerian version of hopstoch) and 'ten ten'.
I huffed and puffed after jumping around and had to take something to calm me down, but it was the best feeling ever....
Do children still play the good old games? It's now about Wii, Harry potter, Nintendo Ds, Blackberry et co.
“Hasn’t anyone noticed that there are no chalk marks on the sidewalks? Hasn’t anyone noticed that there are no hula-hoops being sold? What has happened to the pitter-patter of little feet? Where are the little girls with shy quaint attitudes, adorned with the bobby socks and berets? Why are the girls who once were riding tricycles now pushing baby carriages? We have lost the sound of childhood” T.D Jakes
my sis and i prepping for 'suwe'


the certified 'woman wrapper' in the house
ten ten, i lost but who cares? :)
How uncomplicated it was, building sandcastles so carefully, and gleefully moving on despite the sadness you felt when some naughty boy kicked it down. You soon forgot about it and found a new game after the first few tears. But now? You build your world with so much care and one person comes and kicks it down, you don’t gleefully move on, your world is as shattered as that castle. It takes more than ice cream and a few tears to distract you… It takes more than a new pair of shoes to make you smile and move on and start rebuilding. It takes weeks of therapy and moving to a new town, changing your number and undergoing brain surgery to forget the pain :p

It gets all complicated when that tag  of adulthood is placed/stamped around your neck, on your head and all over your body... But thank God for grace to carry us through the rude awakening of adulthood, or else some of us would have crumbled.

God bless the children... If only they would realize how blessed they are and stop trying to grow up too fast.


  1. I really wanna be a child again. Adulthood comes with so much challenges.

  2. Oh, to have one more day as a child. Sigh

  3. I loved everybit of being a child and feel like i really ve 2 try xtra hard dat my kids enjoi children wen dy shld b...i miss ten ten and suwe :)



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