Just How Well Is It?...

It is well…
But just how well is it? When your heart is grieved, when you don’t know how your answer would come, when for just a minute you let yourself be the human that you are and panic, throwing aside Gods assurance that when you hold on to him, you ought not to fear even in the deepest valley…
Just how well is it?
The fact that you don’t know how loosing out on a deal can prompt you to think it is well, doesn’t mean it isn’t.
Thus I can say, it is well with my soul even when I have no idea how. That’s what faith does… it makes you believe even when you’re clueless. It gives you a faint glimpse of hope that gets clearer and clearer as you claim your Fathers will and trust Him that even in the pit He is still God.
That’s why the message of the gospel is foolishness. You can’t be logical and trusting at the same time. With God, you drop all your logic and perceived wisdom before you enter his throne room… With Him, you take the stance of a fool, because really, in God's eyes, we are most foolish in our wisest moments. His ways are not our ways, not even close…
Why should you say “it is well with me” even when you don’t feel like it? Because it is indeed. For the bible says "Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee..."Job 22:28 Saying the words doesn’t deny the situation, but it’s a declaration, a stand against your problems, a step in faith, that despite the pain, the sun will come out, and you’ll be fine. 

"The sun'll come out tomorrow,
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
There'll be sun!"


  1. I am currently and constantly fighting with that, the fact the the Lord's ways are not my ways and it is foolishness to try and comprehend it in Human thoughts, It's not easy though, but you have to remember that his thoughts are of peace, to give us a future and hope.

  2. This is an absolutely beautiful piece. I have been struggling with my faith since January because i simply could not see how God will "sort me out". But in recent weeks, i've begged God to forgive me and help my "faithlessness". Slowly but surely, i have been repeating and even believin that "it is well with my soul". Thanks Inyamu.

  3. Hmm... i can sooooo relate to this! The last couple of days stretched my faith to the max and it was so easy to bask in the glory of worry but God is awesome and faithful. I'm not at the end of the road yet but i KNOW that it is well, in pain and uncertainty it is well. God always come through so it is well, no matter what.

    Thank you for sharing

  4. I love this line 'You can’t be logical and trusting at the same time.'

    That is real faith


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