Let The Music Play On... Victorious!!!

I was having a nap this afternoon and the words of the song 'Victorious' kept resounding in my head. I haven't listened to this song in ages. I was excited to hear it again, knowing it was a timely word for me. I played it over and over again and the lyrics jumped at me and encouraged me and got me all emotional... I pray the words of the song blesses you too.

I feel a certain Spirit stirring up in me
And when it comes I’m being all that I can be...yeah
I’m rising up above my fears and challenges
The Comforter is sparking up my abilities...yeah

No matter what they say
Laugh and jab and criticize
They may ridicule me
Can’t deny this feeling and yes
I know the truth will stay
I know my faith won’t fail
The day will come to show what’s already done
Then the world will know that I’m...

I won with Jesus
Trials. battles
Only for a short season

I won with Jesus  
Because of you oh risen Christ
Be it in life or death I live in victory


If you’re a Soldier of Christ come follow me sing

No...Can’t hold me down
No chain strong enough to keep me locked down 
My faith is the key to my elevation
Moving on to the light of my destination

The storm may come with rage
Tempest of pain and persecution
Tired, weary like my feet will fail me
Faith stretched to its elasticity
My soul no don’t you fear
Cos I can do all things

Through Christ who strengthens me

Victorious... etc

Onward Christian soldier marching as to war

And I know one day with arms stretched out
We’ll go through walls and glasses
Roofs and cars and graves
And feel no pain... (no pain)
And the shouts of the world would be heard below
With the winds in our faces. from all races
Feeling the thrill of height and space
Transformed as we meet with you

Oh Jesus!

In the air
in the beauty of eternity
Sights sounds and feelings
More beautiful than anything we’ve ever felt

Oh Jesus!

Strengthen me in this world
I need more grace...


Strengthen me in service
Till I see you face to face...


These words!!!!! We are victorious indeed...


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