It's complicated...

     "Do not despise these small beginnings....." (Zechariah 4:10 NLT)
They say don't despise the days of little beginnings, but how hard it is. How much we hate little things. We want the big things now. Don't give me all the stories of going through stages, because i hate little things.
And so its hard to appreciate your cute little kia picanto when you would rather be driving a sweet BMW 3 series or a range or something hot(yeah, so maybe using the picanto as an example is pushing it too far...:p). It's hard to appreciate the little things when you know there's a bigger picture. But how do you fill out the bigger picture if you don't start with that first step of growth, the first stroke of the brush on the canvas?

The little job shapes you up for the big job. But it's hard not to despise the fact that you're at the bottom of the food chain at work... it doesn't matter if this is your first job, all you want is to be up there NOW.
Its hard to love the little things, but the little things are what builds the house, the little blocks end up becoming the big house you live in. You just can't put up one big chunk of block and get a house ready, it's got to be one stone after the other till its complete.

And as much as we hate little things, we hate the simple things too. We love complicated, after-all, we're humans, whats the brain for if not making up things that aren't really there.
A headache can't be just a headache, we've watched too many episodes of house and have more medical information available to us online, thus a headache could mean a brain tumor. Remember that scene in last king of Scotland where Idi Amin(Forest Whitetaker)had tummy trouble and screamed that he was poisoned but it was just gas?

Why in the world is she offering to buy me dinner? You think maybe shes trying to use me for something? make me indebted to her...  Cos i see no reason why she should buy me a new dress.
Well i probably didn't think that maybe she's just buying me dinner and maybe shes just being nice to me by buying me a dress, because those are simple answers, too easy. But i have to make it complicated.
It's like trying to figure someone out. We think they're too nice or too pretty or too something, thus there must be something wrong with them... they're frauds, and so we don't take them as they are, we look for ways to complicate the simplicity of who they are... we're at it till we destroy whatever relationship we had with them in our quest for ripples in the clear waters.
Complicated apparently is the spice of life.

He says hi... well say Hello and move on. He's not thinking about proposing to you, the guy is just being a gentleman, and not having the hots for you. Please spare him and take him off your prayer list and round table discussions with your friends trying to analyze how he said the hi and how he smiled and what it means.
He says 'I love you' take it as it is and don't start a conference with your brain, heart and ears ruling out the possibility that he is indeed sincere and No he isn't saying that to get something from you and no he doesn't say that to all the girls... Somethings should be taken as they are(be street smart sha o).

Little things and simple things are the hardest to accept. Because our minds have been programmed by our environment to think that happiness and joy can only be derived from big things, and that good things aren't that easy to come about.
Its not in us to believe we can be happy in our kai picanto(before we get upgraded that is), its not in us to believe that we don't have to pound the pavement and drown in our sweat to get that dream job... We've been made to believe that if you don't sweat for it then theres a snag somewhere, one way or the other it'll be taken away. But sometimes blessings flow and things come easy, don't stop the flow by trying to figure it out. Just be thankful.

Life really is that simple, i try my best not to get it all complicated for my own good. It gives headaches when i think deeper than i should on some issues, and i hate headaches.
Sometimes it's best to just drive in your little car with the windows down and enjoy the cool evening breeze. Don't despise those moments. It's simple things that gives us joy... not buying another expensive pair of shoes or going on a date in a maybach. Call a spade a spade and move on with life.


  1. Life can be complicated at times, but it is own duty not to make it more complicated. I feel like you wrote two topics into one post. Insightful

  2. Thanks; life is simple- we actually choose to make it complicated. Its my bday today- and I've taken a stand to embrace change and live simply.

  3. hey @ilola yeah, i kind of did. tried killing two birds with one stone :)

    @bangis affairs... happy birthday!!! have a great year and God bless u richly. *hugs*

  4. Life is simple but how many people want simple? We have to complicate it to make it spicy and it goes on and on.

    Let's enjoy the best of what we have and the simple too. :D


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