Doubt is a traitor, a betrayal of the trust you’ve put in yourself. It is an enemy of the mind, an enemy of who you are. The greatest act of treason against yourself.
It seats in on the confidential meetings of the mind, and is in on the process of drafting ideas, it watches as the security system of courage and faith is put in place, and then it strikes when you're ready to execute, it comes from where you least expect, and it hits hard, because it knows where every loop hole is located. Just when you’re ready to execute this great thing, it sells you out to fear…treason.
Telling you that you can't do it after letting you dream it, just at the last minute you discover your security has been breached. Doubt seats there with a smirk on his face, threatening you with all sorts of consequences if you dare chase that dream... and you almost give up, because you're sure he knows what he's saying, he makes sense, you're more angry at yourself for believing you could do it, than with doubt for selling you out.
But sometimes, you've got to take that last bit of courage doubt couldn't get to and tackle doubt, take it to court to be tried, because every act of treason must be tried when uncovered. You’ve got to be tough enough to seat through a trial, because if you agree to settle out of court, you loose out on a whole lot of stuff, a whole lot of possibilities that stays in the land of woulda, coulda shoulda.Go to court, seat in the witness box where the King seats as judge and challenge it, bring out all the documents, win and clear all doubts out of yourself, hound doubt with all the facts of what you believe, with what the word says you can do 'i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me' till it pleads guilty and gets the sentence it deserves... Death. Death to doubt... walk away with courage, courage restored to you from the hands of the king himself.

"Choose the belief that push you relentlessly forward, not the ones that hold you back". Ralph marshon.


  1. you always say the most inspirational things. I'm learning to do away with doubt :)

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  3. Doubt is the invisible thing that rears its head after all the planning and preparations. Death to Doubt!


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