Louis gets a vacation...

Let me tell you a story about Louis. She’s like that pair of jeans that you love more than the other ten, seven years on and you're still wearing it even with all the fades and its wear and tear. And you happily pick it over your new luxury brand jeans.
Louis is my friend. That's why i call her by her first name. But I’m afraid I wear her out, I’m all up in her face.
I drag her wherever I go. She doesn’t like it, but she’s nice like that. That’s what friends are for right?
Why do I love her so? She isn’t a gift or a handout, not an outcome of some pocket money or allowance, definitely not an ‘alhaji’ affair, not a payment for any favors. She’s not connected to me out of a desire to belong. I labored for her. I worked for that friendship. With my own sweat, and of cause Gods favor. I earned her. I didn’t have sleepless nights dreaming about her, I just woke up one day and wanted her, and got her as a reward to myself.
What’s the big deal? Well imagine driving cars that don’t practically belong to you, they’re yours but they got paid for by others, and then one day you walk into the bank and cash enough money to pay for your own car, money you actually worked for, with no crying from pillar to post for contributions… don’t tell me it doesn’t feel different and nice. That’s the deal with Louis.
She’s been everywhere with me, she reminds me of me, those good old days when I followed mum everywhere and was called her handbag. She's in most of my pictures with me. As much as i want to, i just can't seem to want to leave her alone.
Through the rain and the storm, through the snow and the sun, through turbulent flights and porthole-infested roads, in train rides and bus rides, through airport waits and duty free she’s been with me. She has been my defense in this world of judgment, the shop attendants are eager to attend to me, they smile at me and act nicely even when I’m dressed shabbily, she stares them down and dares them to speak a word against her friend.
Even when I come into my trust fund.(yeah i'm a trust fund baby) When I come into that money and enter into the shopping world of ‘touch and follow’, when I can afford every thing I want without biting a nail or two, I’ll have her by my side. I want my children to know Louis and have her as their special friend... You know how most parents keep their score sheets from school or the hide of the first animal they hunted down to show their kids and tell a story, sometimes lies about it? Well that's the plan.
She’s been to dinner parties and beach parties, luncheons and brunches, cocktails and meetings, movies and shopping sprees, carried different currencies and same time been cashless. I’ve used her as a pillow and hugged her while walking on cold days, she’s been a not so good shield from the rain and sun. But she doesn’t judge me even though she gets all the heat.
And because of her patience and love I decided to let her breath a little. Louis is on vacation. Just incase you wonder why you haven’t seen me with my friend as often lately, now you know.(Truth is i thought i could give her a work free holiday but i can't seem to leave her home when i go out, and it'll take forever for her to prepare her handover note to the others, no one can do it like she does. So it's kind of a working vacation for her, she still goes out with me sometimes)
There's always that one item that you're sorta kinda attached to, it may be a pair of jeans or sneakers, a bra, a hat, an earring...something you just wear out, something that begs you to put it out of it's misery. Mine's my Louis Vuitton Trevi bag, and i make no apologies. :)


  1. I am still wondering what your Louis is o! Lol--But I have my item tho, I had to put it on vacation too--my friends begged me! LoL my poor bag--heheh

  2. lol, i clarified that, louis is my bag just like urs...

  3. i have a sweater i"m so attached to.. It's been with me since primary five (best believe) lol

  4. lol... true! we kinda have a lot in common: am attached to my jeans(VS) tis like my trade mark sef.

  5. @kitkat: Primary 5,no way! :-D

    I tried hard to think of something I'm attached to - err..nothing!


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