Talk the talk...

It's easy to say i am a christian... to say i have a personal relationship with Jesus, to be happy and sure of my salvation and to get little pointers on the joys of being born again in every day life, to talk that talk... But it all comes crashing down one day when someone asks you the most important question of their life... "Who is Jesus? tell me about Jesus."
I get numb, shocked and i develop cold feet, there's a lot at stake in the answer i give, it could either make them want this person or think i belong to a crazy sect. But then i realize i have nothing to say, it's time to talk the talk in 3D and i have no idea. I can say the basic things of how good he is to me and how lovely he is and how kind and how he died for my sins and redeemed me, but beyond that how do i make a person who has no idea understand who Jesus is? How do i send out the message of salvation without being a senseless blabbing fool? Where in the world do i start from? Lord have mercy.

I went on a street evangelism mission once. I was scared, i almost stayed back in bed that Saturday morning, but i ended up in the car with my sister. It was a church thing.... we all met up in church and seeing all those people calmed my nerves a bit, and then we prayed together and joined our various groups, the spirit of it all warmed me up...well I'm sure it was the spirit of it that warmed me up and not the scorching Lagos sun.
And so it was that i had my first evangelism walk. It was fun, the rich, the poor, the beautiful, the shy, the bold....we all came out. My team took oniru estate and others spread out towards ajose et co. I had a couple of panic attacks.... we were in V/I and what if people i knew saw me? people heading to the palms... my 'posh' friends. But i threw it all away, i held my head up and laughed and walked like a girl on a mission "For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes".

I was on a new level of high... i gave out tracts, we answered questions and prayed with people, the theme of the walk was 'it's time' from 2 Corinthians 6:2 '.... Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.
The things you come across when you walk the gospel... people with all sort of problems needing prayers. I got proposed to:) the guys mostly stared and tried to chat me up when i walked up to them... thank God for my companion, she was this sweet elderly lady and she was a wolf against the wolves that growled at me. Most were encouraged "if people like you are coming out to do this, i guess i'll check the church out" so maybe they're in search of wives or whatever, important thing is it'll drive them to church and they'll get arrested there.
It was a good experience for me.
It was well worth the sun and the walk, i made up my mind to take morning and evening walks in lekki with tracts to distribute and chat with people... still haven't gotten round to it.

Being asked the question about Jesus woke me up again... i need to get my evangelism groove on.
Don't get me wrong, i let my friends know how important it is to get close to God and stuff like that, but when i have to explain to someone from a Muslim country with no Christian background about Christ, that's when the chills creep in. I did my best, i told him what i felt, i just worry and hope it was good enough for him.

Found some pictures of the walk on Nnamdi's page and i'm sharing em... enjoy.
Getting spiritually equipped

sisi ekos were on deck
eager to walk the walk

the children came out too...out of the mouth of babes

onward christian soldiers

the average Jane was approached

and the big man too

the posh got tackled
and the not errr.... young ladies too


twas all worth it seeing people do things...

If you're in the area, be sure to stop by at City of David on
COD Church Road,Off Ligali Ayorinde Street,Off Dideolu Estate,
Victoria Island, Lagos.


  1. First,i'm 1st!
    And I loved the honesty of this post!Used to attend midweek service in COD and i do know it was refreshingly awesome.*Miss*

    And the evangelism thing.I guess most of us share the same kind of fear. (At least i'm glad to know i'm not alone). Went for some classes recently where they were teaching tips on effective evangelism-without looking like a total geek/dork. But for the crux of it, i guess its the actual stepping out and speaking out that makes the difference and hopefully makes it a way of life in the end. God help us all.

    And great inspiring post as always;-)U rock undoubtedly.

  2. Just say a little prayer and trust the Holy Spirit to speak through you and do the convicting as you you "babble" the words out.

    Don't worry too much about saying the right things, keep studying the Word deeply and growing in it, step out in faith and courage and watch your ministration change and conquer more by the power of the Spirit.

    God saved you for this purpose>>> the fly and posh girls and guys gotta be saved too and who better than one of their own to relate and speak in languages they understand.

    The time is short, young people are dying without Christ.

    Romans 1:16 for life.

  3. I can't remember the last time I went out for public evangelism but this post is a motivation. lovely pictures too.

  4. You really challenged me because evangelism is one of those things I tend to shy away from, but the mandate has been given to us all. It is funny that you would refer to Nnamdi's page. I have been visiting it for years (stumbled onto it), but no one else I know refers to it. LOL@ the proposals...Naija guys sha! I like the fact that you went with an older woman...I am sure it helped.

  5. Nice one with the evangelism though you went out to get those who don't know God, just seeing the zeal with which you guys went it would have encouraged those who knew him for a time and fell by the wayside.

  6. I've never gone on a street envangelism, i'm so ashamed of myself :(

  7. It's easy to say. I pray we use the grace that has graciously been put at our disposal to DO!!!

  8. @tnotes... Now that's the sort of class i need.
    @anon Bless!!!
    @myne... tnx :)
    @the relentless builder i think its much easier when you take tracts out and distribute... but then i'm sure once we start d spirit will lead us.
    Nnamdi's in my church, and i kind of get my vain fix there... looking at pix of myself:)
    @okeoghene i really do hope it did.
    @kitkat awww, that's been harsh on u
    rself, i never thought i could until i did it with the group, i haven't since then. Not so easy.
    @etiole Amen!

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