The wait...

There's something about waiting, it doesn't matter how patient we claim we are. There's always that part of us that's so tensed. So tensed that you don't realize until what you're waiting on comes through and you feel all easy and free in places you never knew existed.

Today, in the world within the world, we had an act, the doctor played God and we were her subjects. She promised us a clean and easy surgery, a very minor one, no need to worry, even with the general anesthetic. We believed her, but we were still tensed as grandma was wheeled into the theatre and mum followed a few minutes after.
Did I ever doubt that they'll be fine? No. But then, like most humans i hate to wait.

And so we waited. Then the nurse came in to prepare grandmas bed. That perked us up, but still no grandma, and still no mum and still the wait. Knowing it'll be alright but still just wanting the moment to end. Seating on the window stile looking out through the vast window at the country side, so much beauty around me, but too caught up in the wait to appreciate, even though i KNEW it'd be alright.

Mum and granny are doing good. There's four generations of women in this room. The wait is over. And the god in this play was right, they really are doing wonderful, the surgery was perfect and we'll be going home soon. She came through on her promise, I trusted her, because her smile and care for her patients and love for her job was genuine. I just hated waiting for the promise to be a reality. I'm happy and thankful mum and granny are fine.

And so it is in the real world, with the real God. He gives his word and we know him enough to love and trust him completely to come through for us, but the wait is so crazy. The door opens and like in the hospital someone walks in and we're excited thinking the wait is finally over... But its just a nurse preparing the bed, the false hope effect.
And finally after long minutes(years) of waiting... Too tensed to enjoy the beauty of life through the window in your waiting room, even though you tell yourself you really are living, the promise comes through. And even the devil binding, walk on water, demon sucking, tongue speaking christian in you let's out a sigh of relieve. You never doubted... But somehow, some part of you was twisted and wondering if you really should believe.

My lesson from the hospital today is Waiting on God is worth it... He'll never back down on his promise, give him time, to come through with the best he has for you.


  1. Nice post!
    I have learned not to be idle while waiting, it causes my impatience to rise which sometimes somehow gives rise to doubt. I try to be a blessing to other pple while I wait on my blessing/promise from God.

  2. I really like it, i am waiting (hoping and trusting)
    thank you

  3. i'm very impatient man!! wld try my best lol


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