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You haven't experienced Dubai if you've never been cornered and lured into a room filled with designers of all sorts... wristwatches, bags, scarves, sunglasses, luggage et co. First grade replicas/knockoffs... they look so real until you do a double take, it's amazing. You'll get either tres excited or irritated.And the fake phones? and video games and beats by dre?
Then we have the Aba boys making tommy hilfinger, addidos and prado stuff. Beautiful leather shoes with quipid labels among others.
There's nothing wrong with imitations... high street brands give us the chance to wear the designer designs for cheap... but there's everything wrong with knock offs.(my personal view)
It'll take nothing to put all the energy, talent and resource they use to make knockoffs, to make a good brand for themselves.
I'll be one of those willing to patronize the Aba boys if they decide to do it right, and make good replicas with their own labels.

Same goes for using knockoffs. Not everyone can afford to buy a £1000 bag i know. But there's no law that says 'buy or die'.
I'm not holy here, I've had my moment. O my days!!!!! I wore my 'designer' stuff with so much pride(one of those awesome imitations). I was beyond suspicion, because... hey, it was me.
Everyone loved my glasses and watch, some wanted to have a closer look... but of course, i knew those who had eyes to spot a fake from a hundred miles and i never let them look close enough. I got tired of dodging and got rid of them.
It's hard living a fake life in a world where some humans have eagle eyes.

I had this argument with a friend once, why torture yourself by buying a fake when you know every now and again you have to hide it from the view of some sharp eyed lady? Like dropping your bag absentmindedly and realizing too late you shouldn't have set it down next to dragon eyes Lara. I'd rather walk around confident with myself and what i can afford, than figuring out if she knows or he knows it's fake. Or having my heart race when people snigger and laugh at something else thinking it's me they're talking about.
She said there's nothing to it, if you can't afford the real thing, use the fake.
The question is, do you really need it? if you're willing to settle for less than the original, then my take is, you don't need it in the first place. Or rather you don't need it for the right reason. More or less you're doing it to gain acceptance or something.
Why spend so much on a fake when you can buy other beautiful authentic brands for less? Plus you wouldn't have to do the hide and seek game when in public and you don't get 'the look'.

And that brings me to what i wanted to talk about all along... How as humans we strive to be someone we're not for the wrong reasons. Not like there's a right reason for not being yourself...
If only we take all the energy, money and time we use trying to be someone else and spend them on being ourselves, we would be better people, accepted for who we are, free and happy, enjoying life the way we should.
Have you ever seen a wannabe try to push her way into certain circles? She's always spotted from miles away, everyone somehow knows she's so fake and she ends up being the inner circle joke as well as a joke to the world around.
Stop trying so hard.
Have you noticed the girl who has to wear every new trend out there even when she looks terrible in them... just because she wants to belong?
I was in the the changing room at Tiffany amber with my sister and this lady tried on an outfit... i'm sure we told her the truth or something close to the truth... it looked awful on her, her folds et all were smiling at us and she sort of got pissed and walked out to look for her husband. She just had to have a tiffany number. Be it fit or not.
On the news yesterday, a lady was going under the knife to get Pippa Middleton's butt... like seriously? You see her in a dress from a wedding one day and the next you think your life would be better if you had her butt? 

One of the nollywood movies i can honestly say i enjoyed is 'i belong' check it out here to get a full picture of the shame in the whole fake it to make it then it breaks you game.

So you're no Angelina Jolie my friend, you're a wonderful sweet girl the way you are... you don't have to pout your lips extra to get attention... Buy your super yogo off the bicycle cart when you feel like it... run to the drug store without some makeup on.... give your hair breathing space and go natural sometimes. Just be you. You'll find life is easier that way. You're not always docking when you go out in the 'wrong' clothes and spot people you're trying so hard to impress...

And not just with humans... when we come before God, we're expected to stripe it all down. To drop the facade, to stop pretending we're fine, to leave our 'religious' self behind. He expects us to bare it all and be real with him, he sees beyond the show we put on for the world. He knows us and is not impressed with our cover. All he wants is the real you... original and authentic when you come before him, not praying like you heard Pastor B pray or sound like a replay of the kings james version 'oh thouest fatherest, who heareth my prayereth from heaven, in thy hands thouest holdest ...." you get my drift.
He's just daddy to you and me, and he wants us to talk to him that way, in our own way. "The world is full of so-called prayer warriors who are prayer-ignorant. They're full of formulas and programs and advice, peddling techniques for getting what you want from God. Don't fall for that nonsense. This is your Father you are dealing with, and he knows better than you what you need. Matthew 6:7-8(the msg)


  1. There will never be a more beautiful you! Thats the summary of this post. So lets embrace ourselves and what we have and look of to God to fill the remaining vacuum.

  2. how do you come up with lovely religious posts like this? beautiful!!
    haha i've been in that spot where i had a fake LV purse and gosh, i was so uncomfy when anyone wanted to look at it or touch it :p

  3. i agree with you...
    you can try and be what you think others will like you to be... but that is not true happiness.
    happiness is reaching a point in your live where you accept yourself for who and what you are and appreciate and be content with what you have.

    first time here x


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