Shit Happens... Literally

Now this is a testimony of some fine chic i know. She's the one with the the 4x4 car, fine girl no pimple, designer bags et co... you get the picture? The type you see and just can't imagine her taking a dump.
Well a dump it is she took, and oh boy, what a dump it was. When you got to go, you got to go, but what happens when you go and you can't go? She stayed in the toilet for a long long time, sweating and frustrated.(This isn't hearsay, she gave me the gist herself:)) But It just wasn't werking. Life didn't seem so good in that febreze refreshed toilet.

She was already getting shivers on the toilet seat when it hit her... Why suffer this horrifying indignity and pain when you have a father who can do all things? So she said a little prayer, more like a cry for help and just like that, everything came out nice and easy. When the going gets tough, just send up a prayer :)
I really wish i could put up a picture of what this fine girl looks like, not to embarrass her but to prove the authenticity of the story. But then i would spoil her market:)

What did i learn from this shit that eventually happened?
Nothing is too small or mundane to take to God in prayer.
You can't be embarrassed about telling him certain things, your weakness, your fears... he knows every inch of us(he's seen us finish). He doesn't need politeness from us, we don't have to be posh with him. We can come as we are and cry about our mouth odor or our 'longer throat' Oliver twist character, it could be about the giant pimple on our nose, feeling insecure and wanting to wear a bigger size of bra or just the fact that our dance steps are toxic to the human race. Whether it's about toilet matters, business matters, or emotional issues... nothing is too small or too big for the king of Glory.
Call upon him in every situation and he'll send help to you, comfort you and give you wisdom on how to go about your issues.

"Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God." Philippians 4:6(kjv)


  1. LMAO....Fantasy Queen, are you by anychance the fine geh no pimple?! lmao...
    But I am so with you on the nothing is too small/mundane to ask God. I asked for breasts....He gave me sizable ones and the one I dint even think to ask him, let's say He was quite generous with it

  2. FUNNIEST SHIT(pun intended) EVER!!

  3. lol, Honeydame i'm not the one i promise, but i'll definitely be sending up a prayer when the going gets tough....:)

    @shereen ha ha...

  4. Thank you... for sharing this, God Bless.

  5. laffing so hard, i almost missed d morale of the gist. but really, we had better realized that and save our heads from some unnecessary craps. tnx for the reminder.

  6. I really suspect this story is about Fantasy Queen herself


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